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by:Shizhan     2020-08-24
Double cantilever scaffold from ground not putting up the scaffold, but since half empty the erection of a high-rise building construction of frame structure, in order to reduce the amount of cantilever erection of scaffolding scaffolding available. Tectonic pattern with button scaffolding, cantilever scaffold, can be directly with cantilever frame hanging out of the building, without built-in, scaffold by cantilever frame build-up. Cantilever scaffold by bracing frame, cantilever rack, and building a scaffold. 。 Supporting frame is load-bearing framework of cantilever scaffold, set within the building. Cantilever bar and pick up a pillar, they are on the support frame plate buckles for fixed connection with the building. Coiling welding rod has a vertical adjustable base, can be directly inserted into the vertical bar. Ambiguous adjustable base spacing is 0. 9 m, the width of the cantilever erection of scaffolding to 0. 9m。 Cantilever scaffold interval typically take 1. 8m。 Poling longitudinal spacing can choose according to the height of load and the build-up, general option 1. 2 m, 1。 5 m or 1. 8 m three sizes. Cantilever scaffold erection alone, also can be combined with brace the building erection ( But within the bearing capacity of the support frame should satisfy concrete construction load and cantilever scaffold support load) In order to improve the overall stability. Group building frame method support scaffold erection of suspended load through suspension frame is passed to the supporting frame. 。 Ram on the role of the support frame is horizontal force and bending moment, strut force is the main thrust of brace. 。 Therefore, supporting bracket has enough stiffness and strength requirements. Typically support two across, can be set in the direction perpendicular to the scaffolding span 0 respectively. 9 m and 1. 2 m, or isometric Settings; In the direction parallel to the scaffolding is long set, the span is equal to the cantilever scaffold pole longitudinal distance. Below the support frame and set with adjustable base ( Stents) At the top of the building and placed at the top of the wooden beam, in order to enhance its resistance to overturning and non-slip force. At the same time to avoid damage to the ground. Brace should be set up on the entire frame diagonal. Cantilever frame fixed in a bowl with buckle joint has been built for supporting frame, note that the surface vertical cantilever frame and buildings. Support bar and the bracket must be fixed in the brace bar layer. Good inserted rod fixed cantilever rack, cantilever scaffold erection. Diagonal, scaffolding, wall support, safety protection see double row setting the components of the scaffold. Load calculation of cantilever scaffold construction load and dead weight is double row scaffolding. When calculating the capacity, the main carry lower capacity calculation of cantilever frame.
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