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by:Shizhan     2020-08-22
New aluminum scaffold which is strong? New aluminum scaffolding accessories included? Dr Ladder aluminum frame: the phi 50. 8 x delta 2 or phi 50. 8 xδ1。 8 aluminum alloy pipe welding, aluminum set up level 3, 4, 5 horizontal tube and level 2 specializing guardrail used, every level on horizontal tube can take a flat platen, the spacing is 460 mm. Aluminum frame can mix and match each other, with a lock connection, the structure is stable and reliable; In-band aluminium frame or an oblique, distillation with the ladder ladder pipe adopt phi 25. 4 take grain aluminum tube, with functions of antiskid. The frame height respectively 5 level frame: 2. 32 meters, level 4:1. 85 meters, 3 grade 1. 39 meters, there are 2 level frame fence: 0. 85 meters. Dr Ladder rail oblique: aluminum alloy scaffolding mainly by horizontal and diagonal rod are combined to finalize the design the overall architecture, the collocation of extremely stem number and building method plays an important role in stability of the whole structure of aluminum alloy scaffolding, for the convenience of fast identify extremely stem, divided into diagonal ( End hook in red) , rail ( End hook in blue) ; Extremely stem has self-locking function, the two ends of the hook end hook is made of high quality casting aluminum alloy die casting, and generally adopts full surround design, has the characteristics of high strength, ensure the security of the tower. Poor quality products there is gap, usually easy to break. Dr Ladder flat pallet: open flat pallet, standard flat pallet divides into two kinds, aluminum alloy frame and glued laminated waterproof non-slip, flameproof high density board riveting combination; Open flat pallet set-up in the aluminum alloy scaffolding at the top, general operation layer spread. After full paving bedplate, due to the construction personnel in the interior of the aluminum alloy scaffolding climb and scaffolding. So open flat pallet designed specifically for the construction personnel and whereabouts on the scaffold construction layer, can open flat pallet with self-locking function, opening flat pallet sheet using implicit installation, there can be no higher than flat pallet plane, way workers accidentally kicked the convex sheet.
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