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by:Shizhan     2020-08-25
Aluminum alloy scaffolding inspection report contact phone number: 18420150310 bamboo basketry piece used in the construction project cost is high, repeated utilization ratio is low, there are multiple security hidden danger; There are many provinces and cities area has issued a mandatory documents, rules of steel basketry instead of traditional bamboo basketry pills, steel basketry is of low cost, strong security, repeated utilization rate is high, the external appearance more beautiful, more in the future market sex! This company produces the steel basketry, products of high precision, small error, good quality and can replace traditional bamboo basketry, simple operation, fire safety, long service life, cheap beauty. The southern most sites are in use, is a kind of new building materials, safety, economy, practical at an organic whole. Many cities now in guangdong, Shanghai and so on are used, some local government force. I factory is specializing in the production of this steel basketry, also called mesh piece, can be customized with different specifications, different weight of steel basketry piece is a kind of scaffolding steel structure piece frame plate. Solution to the existing scaffolding frame board issue such as difference of waste material and fireproof performance, including the steel frame structure, the steel frame with cross connection support steel, cross to the rectangle, lozenge structure between bearing bar. Steel basketry properties can be used as a standard component of the construction industry, scaffolding set, directly to the utility model referred to in the mesh frame board placed on scaffolding, than the solid board, fire prevention performance is good, use more, save timber, workers labor intensity is small, easy to transship and stored, facilitate unified external scaffolding, construction standard practice of steel basketry material: high quality low carbon steel wire steel basketry piece specifications wire diameter 3 - 50 * 100 mm 6 mm mesh: the mesh size: 800 * 1000 mm, 500 * 1000 mm special specifications, special size can be customized steel has advantages of steel basketry net pills has a large bearing gravity, solid surface, not easy deformation, aging resistance, strong toughness, weldability, high melting point, nonflammable, light weight, simple construction, low price, long life, high cost performance. Aluminum alloy scaffolding inspection report
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