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by:Shizhan     2020-08-25
Dangling aluminum alloy scaffolding contact phone number: 18420150310 main component for the vertical rod and bar ( See figure 1) 。 Vertical rod is the main stress bar, bar is composed of framework of transverse connecting rods, poling intervals of a certain distance on the set has a buckle plate, buckle plate positioning hole is evenly distributed, the ends of the bar and positioning hole is respectively set up corresponding hooking the plug, and rail plug have surface corresponding to the curved surface of cooperate each buckle plate can be installed at the same time four rail joint, arbitrary position. Round buckle node structure reasonable force rod axial force, make the scaffolding in three-dimensional space, the overall structure with high intensity, good overall stability, and has reliable self-locking performance, can effectively improve the scaffold of the whole frame stable strength and degree of safety, can better meet the needs of the construction safety. When installation, insert the horizontal bar end plug into roulette photogenic corresponding hole, then tap on a horizontal plug, make the cross plug of circular arc surface and poling of steel pipe tiejin, can lock. Upright and horizontal plug interface for arc, forming a state of unbroken ( See figure 2) 。 Each wheel can simultaneously socket four pillars and four pillars are 90 °. On a rod load load, the lock is more reliable. Dangling aluminum alloy scaffolding
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