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by:Shizhan     2020-09-04
Shenzhen tengda security technology and drainage plate buckles type fastener type ShanJia and aluminum alloy scaffolding steel pipe scaffold, all can sell rent, welcome to consultation. 1. Person's aspect in the construction process, management personnel at all levels of illegal command is one of the reasons for the accident. In addition, the guardian of their illegal operations, dereliction of duty, operators can also cause a lot of accidents. Especially the scaffolding, the workers in erection and dismantling of scaffolding is not in accordance with the provisions, to wear a helmet and safety belt. Many people think they are wearing a helmet or belts, as long as careful, won't be an accident, and thus lead to the falling accident will happen. In addition, some operators to safety consciousness is not enough, or we may meet in the event of insufficient risk estimates, failed to find such problems as inadequate protection of the construction site safety, also can lead to accidents. two Material things scaffolding installation does not conform to the requirements of specification. In some construction site, the scaffolding set non-standard phenomenon, one is the scaffolding operational layer protection is not standard; The second network is dense, horizontal grids is not strong, not according to stipulations set pedal network layer and interlayer network; Three is the scaffold is set not standard; Four is hanger setting is not standard, can result in casualties accidents. In addition, some scaffold is made of inferior materials, stiffness can not meet the requirements, the necessary inspection and test before use, will cause serious casualties. 3. Security administration spokeswoman said: & quot; Scaffolding installation and remove the plan is not comprehensive, security technologies are not targeted. Engineering department attaches great importance to the construction site, ignoring safety management data of the phenomenon is quite common. The safety of the construction project should formulate special technical solution, clear installation dismantled scaffold, foundation pit supporting, template engineering, temporary electricity utilization, tower crane disassembly and assembly and other safety operation procedures. If the construction plan is not set, or not in combination with the actual situation of the construction site, copy the standard, specification, inspection, security technology still stays in & quot; To enter the construction site must wear safety helmet & quot; Level, lack of pertinence; In the process of engineering construction, inevitably because of accident hidden danger, violation of operating procedures, technical specifications and other issues caused heavy casualties. Safety management is another problem of the security check does not reach the designated position, the accident hidden danger cannot be found in a timely manner. Most of the casualties occur in the process of scaffolding demolition and construction scaffolding work, mostly in violation of the technical standards and operational procedures, but the project manager of the construction site, the foreman and full-time security personnel in the regular safety inspection examination failed to timely found the problem, or found the problem after the failed to timely correction and corrective, eventually lead to a number of major production accidents.
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