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by:Shizhan     2020-09-07
Notre Dame DE Paris, France's President, said Patrick chauvet, 25, Notre Dame DE Paris is on fire before dismantling of the scaffold is become a major hazard protection and repair of the building. If not safe, may jeopardize the three vaults. Notre Dame DE Paris structure preserved rate is only about 50%. 【 The scaffold into puzzle 】 Notre Dame DE Paris along the Banks of the Seine is one of the most representative monuments in France, emergency fire on April 15, 19 th-century marvelous spire collapsed, iconic wooden roof slump. When the fire broke out, the Notre Dame DE Paris, ongoing local repair, scaffolding is composed of about 50000 pieces, some of them are damaged in the fire. Chauvet 25, told the Associated Press, repair the church building work is unlikely before 2021, because 'it is not yet out of danger, until we removed the remaining scaffold'. Due to the wooden roof collapsed, the Notre Dame's main stone structure is difficult to ensure its stability, and the only church vault is the key to ensure the Notre Dame don't collapse. Chauvet said, there is a 50% chance of scaffold may fall to the three vaults, church architecture and therefore remains fragile. In the early stages of repair, is one of the biggest challenges to dismantle scaffold and won't cause other problems. He said: 'we need to completely dismantle scaffold, to ensure the safety in construction, so we may begin to church in 2021 repair work. After deleting scaffold, we need to assess the overall situation of the church, estimate how much need to dismantle and stone block replacement. ”【 Repair the French symbol 】 Covey estimates, after assessment, public security enters the church need three years time, the church complete comprehensive repair take longer. The French President marolon expressed the hope that in five years to rebuild Notre Dame DE Paris. But many experts believe that the schedule is not realistic. Paris is scheduled to host 2024 summer Olympic Games and the paralympics. The church estimates that even in the case of a fire, the cathedral of Notre Dame in this year's festival peak still attracted 2 million visitors. Visitors can stand on the river bank near the pictures, but the church workers no longer playing the organ, the square in front of the church, there are still barriers, the Notre Dame stone carvings and rose window is not accessible to tourists. Jean- Luc boda's Paris is an engineer, he once through the city go to Notre Dame. He looked at his mother told him to remember a fire in the Notre Dame DE Paris in April. Boda's riding a bicycle came to the Notre Dame DE Paris, tears streaming down her face. 'We're French, because it will attempt to rebuild the Notre Dame DE Paris, because it is a symbol.
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