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Of the countries most affected by European outbreak is helpless to return to work: a day late unsealed, economic collapse - a day earlier Jiangsu city Shizhan Truss

by:Shizhan     2020-06-23
Recently, a study at the university of Hong Kong, said the new crown pneumonia virus reproduction rate three times higher than the SARS virus. But a lot of European countries have to carry not to live. Spain, now confirmed in more than 170000, second only to the United States, is the number of confirmed 2 more countries around the world. More than one death. 70000 people, second only to Italy, is the death toll of more than 2 countries in Europe. Economic dormancy for sealing, two weeks later, Spain has begun to return to work. Face cunning new virus, the real question is: is the 'poison' to death or starved to death. From the point of new data, many European countries outbreak has started to slow, 'inflection point' if is not far away. At the end of January, Italy, Spain confirmed its first case of the new champions league pneumonia patients respectively. Mid to late February, the two new diagnosed has increased dramatically, pulled open the prelude to Europe fell. Entering march, the outbreak of countries such as France and Germany also have big movements and the Nordic countries, drives the European infections rise further. Fortunately, the end of march, the European outbreak in plateau, basic around 30000 new patients every day. Some experts optimistic forecast inflection point. Heavily criticised European countries, in and new virus a confrontation, is expected to victory. European countries can make such progress, cannot leave the city. Despite the beginning, both official and folk, are not willing to city. And, in fact, most of Europe in the city, is a kind of 'soft sealing city', turnover has larger freedom. On March 17, for example, the French city after isolation, shopping, jogging, walking the dog can go out. As long as there are justified reasons and fill in the corresponding certificate. After the British blockade in late march, residents can still go out a trip to a day. A British imperial university research, calculated the outbreak in the city non-drug intervention measures such as sealing effect. Which states that as the blockade effect, around March 11, Italy on the number of effective proliferation R0 dropped to close to 1. R0 as the basis of epidemiological indicators, which represents each case in the average number of infection during infection. R0 if we can continue to fall below 1, will gradually decline in the number of new infections eventually contain the outbreak; If R0 is greater than 1, then continue to spread of infection, until get the herd immunity.
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