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On the difference between general truss and aluminum

by:Shizhan     2020-05-29
In today's aluminum alloy truss market, a truss made of aluminum alloy has become the choice of most consumers, because it is not only conducive to the stability of lighting positioning, but also can show different lighting effects. So, what is the difference between this aluminum alloy truss and general truss? Below, the editor of aluminum alloy truss manufacturers will take you to share it! Simply put, the biggest difference between aluminum alloy truss and general truss is mainly on the material, especially their aluminum alloy material, because aluminum alloy truss has a certain strength and stability throughout the use process, so it will Some failures and problems easily occur, and will not cause damage to the built-in lamps. Therefore, when we choose aluminum alloy truss products, we need to protect the lamps better, so that this architectural product will be more safe and stable in use, so we need to pay special attention when choosing materials, and Among them, the aluminum alloy truss product is the advantage of our safe use conditions.
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