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by:Shizhan     2020-09-07
Mobile operation platform, must comply with the following provisions: ( 1) Mobile platforms should be conducted by professional and technical personnel in accordance with the provisions, the corresponding specification of design, calculations and drawings should be incorporated into the construction organization design. ( 2) The area of operation platform should not exceed 10 m2, height should not be more than 5 m. Also should carry on the stability calculation, and take measures to reduce the slenderness ratio of the post. ( 3) Mobile operating platform of installed wheels, wheels and platform of joint should be solid and reliable, and the bottom of the column above the ground shall not exceed 80 mm. ( 4) Operation platform, can use & phi; ( 48 ~ 51) 毫米× 3. 5 mm steel pipe with fastener connection, also can use conveyor or socket type steel pipe scaffold parts, assembled according to the requirements of product use. Platform of the secondary beam, spacing should not be more than 40 cm, mesa should spread 3 cm thick wooden or bamboo basketry. ( 5) Operation platform, must according to the requirements set in the protective railings around, and should be arranged climb the ladder. The cantilever type steel platform, must meet the following requirements: ( 1) Cantilever type steel platform should be designed according to the corresponding specification of the current, its structure should be able to prevent from side to side, causing calculations and drawings should be incorporated into the construction organization design. ( 2) Cantilever type steel platform is put aside fulcrum, and the upper nodes must be on the building and shall not be used on the scaffolding and other construction equipment. ( 3) Inclined rod or wire rope, construct the appropriate on both sides before and after each set two, two in each shall be as a single way force calculation. ( 4) Should be set 4 after checking calculation of rings, card ring, should be used when the lifting platform shall not make the hook hook the rings directly. Rings used Q235F steel production. ( 5) Steel platform installation, the steel wire rope should use special hanging on the hook, the card head by using the way of other clamp shall not be less than 3. Buildings should add line on acute Swiss system of wire rope around soft mat, mizoguchi outside the mouth should be slightly higher than the steel platform. ( 6) Steel platform left and right sides of the device must be fixed protection railing. ( 7) Steel lifting platform, subject to beam fixed point welding, connect the wire rope for, after adjustment, after check acceptance, discharge Fang Kesong crampons, up and down. ( 8) Steel platform when used, shall have the personnel for inspection, found that the wire rope is rust damage should be timely exchange, weld desoldering should repair in time. Operation platform should indicate the allowable load value significantly. Operation platform, the personnel and the total weight of material, it is forbidden to exceed the design allowable load, should be equipped with the specialist to monitor.
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