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Outside the floor set and the role of scaffolding construction ramps zZ09 - are discussed How many money - handan aluminum alloy scaffolding Industry dynamic - Aluminum alloy foot

by:Shizhan     2020-09-02
Handan aluminum alloy scaffolding how much contact phone number: 18420150310 in the process of construction, many workers often use engineering channel up and down the stairs as construction safety, did not set up the reasonable construction ramps on scaffolding. This paper mainly outside the floor set and function of the scaffold construction ramps are discussed. One, the specification requirement for ramps the construction fastener type steel pipe scaffold safety technical specifications 'JGJ13020166. 7 stipulated in article 6. 7. 1 the pedestrian and double as material transport chute type should be according to the following requirements determine the scaffolding of 1 height is not more than 6 m, appropriate USES one word ramps 2 scaffold height more than 6 m, appropriate USES the font of ramps. 6. 7. 2 chute structure shall meet the following requirements 1 ramps should be attached to the scaffold or building set 2 delivery chute width should not be less than 1. 5 meters, slope appropriate USES 1:6, pedestrian chute width should not be less than 1 m, slope platform shall be set up appropriate USES 1:33 corner, its width should not be less than 4 ramps on both sides of the chute width and platform periphery shall set the railing and foot. Rail height should be 1. 2 meters, feet should be not less than 180 mm 5 haul ramps on both sides, platform and outer end shall be according to this specification. 6 4. 1 ~ 6. 4. The provisions of article 6 set even wall pieces every two steps should be adding level diagonal should be 6 according to this specification. 6. 2 and 6. 6. The provisions of article 3 sets bracing and lateral brace. 6. 7. 3 ramps scaffolding structure shall meet the following requirements 1 scaffolding cross shop, should add vertical bracket under the lateral horizontal pole pole, vertical bracket pole spacing should not be greater than 500 mm 2 planks along the shop, the joint should be set for the head should be pressure plate above the head, rib of the plate head of appropriate USES triangle wood to fill along the pedestrian chute and haul ramps on the scaffolding of every 250 ~ 300 mm set a non-slip batten, wood is appropriate for 20 ~ 30 mm thick. Second, the construction of chute 1 set reason analysis. Unusable due to operational channel for construction, form the main stairs aisle because the floor support system of vertical rod, and vertical and horizontal Rachel rod, researchers can't walk normally. 2. Construction process, due to the construction sequence, channel route exists on the mouth of the cave, temporary limb unprotected temporary construction safety operation member who sweep the floor machine three-dimensional operation and walking up and down, materials, tools and debris falling easily walking wounded personnel. The original use of the main structure of the stairs passage pose a safety hazard. 3. The operational layer facade construction, exterior wall construction, building facade construction personnel must climb high low, from indoor to outside the frame of the process of climbing vulnerability safety accidents. Three, construction ramps USES analysis of 1. With the development of the construction industry, the construction of vertical transport have evolved, vertical transportation machinery has been diversified. So, construction ramps and material transport function should be cancelled, namely construction for construction workers is the purpose of the ramps up and down lanes of the operation. 2. Construction ramps should apply to the multi-storey building 25 meters high, is not suitable for small high-level, high-rise buildings. Four, the key points of construction ramps build-up 1. Construction of ramps should be independent system Settings. 2. Vertical bar for the foundation soil compaction, avoid by all means is based on false, avoid uneven settlement, foundation must be and do hardening unity scaffold outside the frame outside the ground foundation. 3. Stud spacing, size, rail, rail, block foot, sweep pole, outside scaffold bracing should be synchronous specifications set. 4. Even the wall element nodes, should be set up separately, such as borrow outside scaffolding Rachel, pull node point location scaffold inside corresponding parts should increase node. 5. Set the gangway protective casing and safety warning signs. Five, the role of ramps up and down ramps are construction personnel lanes, regardless of the construction personnel to the outside of the operational layer, floor, scaffolding, walking can be a high level of safety, improve the safety of the construction personnel walk convenient effect when necessary, the construction of the fire escape ramps is fire accident. Through a number of engineering practice, proves that the construction chute can not only improve the security protection grade, at the same time greatly improve the speed of construction personnel fluctuation, prevent the occurrence of safety accidents, fire accidents. How much is the handan aluminum alloy scaffolding
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