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Outside the frame demolition engineering safety technical clarificaiton - Industry dynamic - - aluminum alloy scaffolding manufacturer Focus - aerial work platform Jiangsu shizhan

by:Shizhan     2020-08-26
Construction unit: iron 2 bureaus in guiyang area projects list a table name HuaGuoYuan R said district of guiyang HuaGuoYuan R end of project delivery date (date) (month) (year) 2014 partial name outside the frame demolition production team name frame shift safety technical disclosure content: 1, scaffolding demolished personnel must be trained and the assessment of professional scaffolder, and related certificates, in strict accordance with the above assignments on safety technical measures. 2, shelves on the construction personnel must wear ppe correctly, not wearing hard bottom, with nail easily slip or slippers into the industrial zone, no drunken shelves for demolition job. 3, all people with heart disease, fear of heights, and diseases such as epilepsy, eyesight is defective, not suitable for operators shall not be higher than that of shelves for demolition job. 4, scaffolding demolition order should follow the principle of from top to bottom, from outside and inside, demolition on the order of the step by step, first after the demolition, after first demolition method. 5, dismantle scaffolds shall be carried out according to certain procedure to dismantle: safety net - block baseboard and scaffold board - protective railing - bridging - small rail - big bar - bar. 6, dismantle scaffold, alert zone should be set up, and hold people care, to prevent the workers to enter. 7 even wall bar, scaffolding should be removed, along with the frame body to dismantle shall not remove the conjoined wall pieces ahead of time. 8, removed the previous step, should be laid in the next frame scaffolding, operator standing on the next plane to step must dismantle, monkey climbing pole is forbidden to dismantle method. 9, dismantle a long bar, and must be accompanied by two or more persons, dismantle to all kinds of materials should be timely transferred to the ground neat pattern, and it is strictly prohibited to high altitude toward the ground casting material, garbage, etc. 10, dismantle scaffold, it must be a unified command, echoed up and down, coordinated, the focus in the process of operation and close cooperation. 11, dismantle scaffold homework personnel shall not on the shelf frolic and joking, solidarity and collaboration in the construction. 12, the unloading platform command, will be subject to half floor, more than half of the upper gauge controllers, less than half in case of more than 6 ( Including 6) Strong winds, heavy rain weather, should stop scaffolding demolition work. 13, scaffolding demolished, height of the adjacent frame body shall not be greater than two step, should be gradually step by step on. 14, dismantle scaffold of ledger, bracing, should first open the middle button, and then open two buttons, the operation of paramagnetic pole down, may not throw down. 15 dismantled scaffold pole, scaffolding, steel pipes, fasteners and other materials should be passed to indoor or through stage shipment, shall not be thrown down shots, lest hurt or unnecessary loss. Labor post their affairs, head of the technical project safety director for clarificaiton people accept disclosure of the project:
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