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by:Shizhan     2020-08-26
In order to ensure the safety of project engineering, quality, progress smoothly, external frame shift for the following rules: 1, outside the frame, an outer layer construction operations must be familiar with construction drawing, and under the guidance of the project department, considering the layers of the adornment of the line and surface, according to an outer layer outside the construction plan, scaffolding specification carefully decorate poling, control the distance between the wall and the frame body. 2, outside the frame build-up must meet the requirements of construction progress, especially the floor before construction formwork support frame, an outer layer must be build-up over operation 1 ahead of time. 2 meters high, and fasten the safety net, homework layer must be covered with pieces of steel basketry. If you can't keep up with progress safety requirements, fined 1000 yuan/layer. 3, elevator shaft, the wind well set-up and safety protection adopts steel pipe frame, and meet the required schedule. Failed to timely raised 500 yuan/layer. 4, each floor in the template is dismantled in a timely manner border guard in the erection of the stairs, failed to timely raised 200 yuan/layer. Second, civilization construction 1, all belong to an outer layer shift section, after the operation of the remnant of the material such as steel, fasteners, safety net to piled up to the designated place in time, and neatly stacked. If not removed in time, the project department shall have the right to the other team, please processing, processing fees by an outer layer shift, and depending on the seriousness of the rack shift makes corresponding punishment, punishment amount not less than 500 yuan. 2, should be set up to regularly check and repair of scaffolding, employee to break two-string fiddle or pollution safety net change in time. 3, such as when stacking materials such as steel tube, fastener damage projects department materials, or cause other team to rework in addition to the compensation accordingly. And depending on the seriousness to give corresponding punishment. 3, 1, field safety management are strictly prohibited shirtless, wear slippers, without a helmet, if in violation of the 100 yuan each place, each time not wearing seat belts, according to 200 yuan/person/time penalty. Homework every time by 500 yuan per person to punish, after drinking the same from happening again, more than 2 times of fine penalty. 2, construction area, safety protection, safety facilities are strictly prohibited to remove, otherwise, in addition to the ordered immediate improvement, according to 500 yuan/time penalty. More than 3, six levels of strong wind weather forbids such as scaffolding, demolition work. 4, the scene it is forbidden to fight, fight, or even groups of duels. When team every time according to the 2000 ~ 5000 yuan, to participate in the workers off. If the circumstances are serious and handed over to the public security department shall be investigated for their criminal responsibility. 5, the project is prohibit any form of theft, such as cable, steel bar, steel pipes, fasteners, occurs in addition to recover the related loss, responsible and team of 5000 ~ 10000 yuan, and ejected. If the circumstances are serious will also have to bear legal responsibility. 6, living quarters, and the construction site is strictly prohibited gambling, or else the RMB 200 / person/time penalty. Note: 1, 2, the above terms take effect from the date of signature loss and fine deducted from team progress payment. 3, in two originals, one outside the frame shift and project department. Outside the frame team leader: project department:
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