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by:Shizhan     2020-09-06
Rhea aircraft leasing professional contact phone number: 18420150310 overhead working truck is a chassis or dedicated mobile hydraulic lifting platform vehicle chassis, is widely used in building construction, and in the domestic construction site has few takers. After asking construction enterprise management personnel, now the construction of the high homework is generally contracted by the individual contractor the brigade, adopt contractor the brigade is in charge of scaffolding, and self construction and simple operation. Query each rules and regulations of the construction enterprises have clear specification on pitched scaffolding, first compiled the scaffolding pitched scheme, again by construction unit technical department for examination and approval. Pitched to the scaffold before the foundation of processing, by a qualified professional building scaffolder pitched, the scaffold materials used shall be appointed by the technical supervision department inspection department. Pitched after the completion of the scaffold to technical department acceptance by construction unit, shall be put into use. If fully in accordance with the rules and regulations construction, the scaffolding must go through the process of heavy and complicated, to compliance, and meet the quality requirements of safety factor. All these complicated procedure, but the scaffolding pitched solution, its content includes the foundation bearing capacity test, scaffolding strength and stability calculation, without these data as a calculation basis, there is no construction unit technical department engineer to dare to sign the 'scaffolding pitched scheme', after all is more worker to carry on scaffolding construction safety event. But the reality of construction site and find a few hold the construction special operation operation certificate of scaffolder in architecture? And how many the scaffold on the construction site is strictly enforce the scaffolding pitched scheme and through formal acceptance? Some more simple construction enterprises for direct use in a way that the work high above the crane suspension hanging basket, completely ignored the crane arm 'it is forbidden to stand under the lifting beam' that a few eye-catching characters. The author at the time of visit a site, also often ask is the subject of migrant workers, their attitude towards the work high above the car it is can't afford to buy, 2 it is not worth it. In their view, 'pitched scaffolding is very easy, will take a few times. On how high scaffolding also need not be afraid, you go up a few back to the brave. 'On the one hand, is a construction enterprise in local building codes, on the other hand is a family-owned contractor the brigade of contract management, the dual economic structure in urban and rural construction sites, let overhead working truck in contrast with the scaffold is somewhat helpless. Which way is more convenient, safe construction? Only build the most clearly. Only when the builders 'hope to live a day' was as good as the city, don't continue on shaky scaffolding; Also won't escape safety inspectors Shadowed, secretly in crane hanging basket with the breeze, but flexible stand in steady, the work high above the car for them to make a living with dignity of construction work. Rhea aircraft leasing professional activities
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