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by:Shizhan     2020-09-08
Shanghai fiberglass insulation scaffolding contact telephone: 18420150310 carry scaffolding work safety technical disclosure disclosure content: a, pick a scaffold safety requirements: 1. Tertiary education, must be conducted before the new workers entering the construction site until they have passed the exam; 2. To enter the construction site must wear safety helmet, qualified fasten jaw belt, lock buckle; 3. Smoking is forbidden on the construction site, it is forbidden to play combat; 4. No drunken mount guard, forbidden operation has nothing to do with their equipment; 5. Climb the homework ( More than 2 m) Must wear non-slip shoes, must be qualified safety belts, hang is firm, use high hang low; Pick scaffolding set-up method: there are two a singled out from the window and in the next floor, window sill support diagonal. Diagonal and metope Angle should not be commonly more than 30 degrees, pick out the shelf width should not be greater than 1. 2米; The other is a cross bar and the diagonal are go out from the same window, pick out the width should not be greater than 1 m; 6. Pick the periphery of the scaffold to set high. 2 m of the protective column, hang tight eye safety net, the mouth shut; 7. Must strictly control the construction load, shall not exceed 100 kilograms per square meter and unloading required by solution; 8. The size of the frame longitudinal peripheral surface must be set up eight support or brace; 9. Operating under the surface 5 meters must build 3 meters wide level safety net; 10. Set-up and unloading requirements, pick a shelf pick frame build-up of special positions, in particular, must strictly carry out the erection plan; 11. Pick scaffolding, must through the relevant departments of the acceptance of rear can use. Second, pick a scaffold other requirements: 1. Pick the scaffold from building interior to pick out a kind of scaffolding, mainly used for local decorative and protective wall, two methods of erection: a singled out from the window and the next floor window sill support diagonal; The other is a bar and diagonal are all from the same window to pick out. 2. Operating under the surface 5 meters must be pitched 3 meters wide level safety net; 3. Check whether the scaffolding of the lateral close eye safety set net is satisfied, whether the binding is firm, scaffolding PingQiao bottom and the first layer PingQiao distance between buildings set out network installation is in accordance with the requirements; 4. Check each layer of the scaffold scaffold board for probe, holes, binding is strong; 5. Pick after acceptance verification, after the completion of the scaffold erection shall be delivered; 6. Choose below the scaffold should be alert, personnel are prohibited; 7. Pick a scaffold must be checked every day, and the inspection records; 8. Pick frame removed must be completed before the following preparation work: 1) Comprehensive review of scaffold fasteners connection, even the wall pole, supporting system meets the safety requirements; 2) According to test results, supplementary, perfecting the construction organization design of demolition order upon the approval of the competent departments shall be implemented; 3) Demolition of safety technical measures, should make technical disclosure project director once again by the unit; 4) Remove the scaffold on the ground and debris barrier; 9. Dismantling should meet the following requirements: (1) Demolition order should be step by step a top-down, forbidden and homework at the same time; 2) All scaffolding removed one by one, even the wall piece shall be forbidden to connect wall parts removed after dismantle scaffold; 10. Discharge shall meet the following requirements: (1) All components must be timely penetration and shipped to the ground, it is forbidden to throw; 2) To the components of the ground should be timely according to the requirements of the inspection and maintenance decorate, and code heap to store at any time according to the varieties, specifications, placed in a dry ventilated place, prevent rust; 3) Dismantled scaffold, and the ground should be set fencing and warning signs, and hold people to keep and prohibit the operation personnel inside; 11. Demolition of pick frame construction personnel must wear safety helmet; 12. When high homework must fasten your seat belt. Shanghai fiberglass insulation scaffolding manufacturer
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