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Points for attention in the construction of aluminum

by:Shizhan     2020-05-17
As an enterprise of aluminum alloy stage truss production, here we will tell you the points of attention to the construction of stage truss: 1: Aluminum alloy stage truss load bearing is within a reasonable range, try not to excessively save this cost, directly related to the entire exhibition rack system Safety issues; 2: The construction method is constructed according to the drawings, and it is not changed at will. Obey the manufacturer ’s installation instructions. Changing the construction method may change the stress situation of the entire aluminum alloy stage truss 3: special environment, more safety measures, try to avoid Typhoon weather, or adding safety measures such as diagonal braces, can increase the overall stress on the display rack and avoid potential safety hazards. 4: Try not to use the aluminum alloy stage truss with damage to the naked eye. This problem is relatively easy to be ignored, and the details cannot be mistaken, resulting in a final accident.
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