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Points out the advantages and disadvantages of gantry scaffolding, smooth work low door scaffold low mobile scaffolding scaffolding - low subway Jiangsu Sh

by:Shizhan     2020-09-30
Know the advantages and disadvantages of the gantry scaffolding, for we can work more smoothly. Gantry scaffolding advantages 1) Standardization of door type steel pipe scaffold geometry size. 2) Reasonable structure, good mechanical performance, make full use of the advantage of steel strength, high bearing capacity. 3) Easy construction of outfit, high construction efficiency, save work time saving, safe and reliable, and affordable. Gantry scaffolding defect 1) No flexibility frame size, frame size of any changes to switch to another type of door frame and its accessories, 2) Cross sustaining easy broken in the hinge points; 3) Finalize the scaffolding is heavier, 4) Price is more expensive than for us to summarize the advantages and disadvantages of the door of the scaffold, in practice there are problems, welcome to inquire.
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