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Precautions for using aluminum alloy quick-mount

by:Shizhan     2020-05-28
1. The requirements for the foundation are the same as the general aluminum alloy scaffolding. When the foundation is not flat, please use the adjustable base feet to adjust to the height of use, and lock the casters to achieve balance. The foundation must have the ability to withstand the pressure of scaffolding and work. 2. Aluminum alloy scaffolding is light in weight and beware of exposure to gusts, gusts or moderate breezes. We recommend that when the wind speed exceeds 7.7 m / s, stop working on the tower. 3. Safety belts must be worn during the construction and high-altitude work of the staff. Please install safety nets around the work area to prevent heavy objects from falling and hurting others. 5. When used independently, when the height of the tower exceeds 4 times the width of the bottom, oblique supports must be installed as required. 6. The components and accessories of the scaffold are strictly forbidden to fall or hit seriously during transportation and storage. It is strictly forbidden to throw down from a high place when overlapping and disassembling. 7. Organize the components and accessories after use and store them for easy use next time. 8. Carefully check the complete set of accessories before construction to ensure that there are no damages and shortages of accessories, and it is forbidden to use safety scaffolds. 9. Pay attention to safety during use. It is strictly forbidden to play on the tower and prevent accidents. 10. The disc-type movable aluminum alloy scaffold, during the movement, it is forbidden for any person or object to be on the tower. 11. Although work is important, safety and life are more important, please remember the above points.
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