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Prevent slippery effect good new building scaffolding pedal steel basketry - Sichuan gantry - work fast loading type aluminum alloy frame manufacturer Industry dynamic - Aluminum alloy scaffold

by:Shizhan     2020-09-06
Sichuan work fast loading type aluminum alloy frame of door type contact telephone: 18420150310 traditional high-rise building facade scaffolding pedal using bamboo piece of pedals, owing to the bad effect of bamboo slip surface, and the bamboo piece of pedals in engineering, often appear damaged, broken phenomenon, belongs to high-risk work, high-rise building construction bamboo piece of pedal damage easily lead to the construction accidents, many construction companies seek both economic and practical construction scaffolding pedal. The birth of the new type construction scaffolding bamboo slices, one-time solve the all defects of construction scaffolding pedal, make the traditional bamboo piece of pedal all up, but the price is only one 5 of bamboo pedal, greatly improving the bamboo piece of pedal non-slip performance, completely change the bamboo piece of pedal at high altitude pedal material status in the industry. New building scaffolding bamboo piece namely steel basketry mesh, welded together by the equipment. Welding is firm, long service life. Sichuan gantry work fast loading type aluminum alloy frame manufacturers
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