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by:Shizhan     2020-08-23
Mobile scaffolding accessories primary advantage is: martensite structure of hardening layer is thin, hardness, strength, tolerance is higher. 2. Scaffolding appearance after quenching workpiece surface have large contraction stress, fatigue fracture resistance of the workpiece is higher. 3. Don't have to be all the heating, the workpiece deformation is small, small power consumption, mobile scaffolding pollution-free. 4. Heating speed, workpiece appearance oxidation decarburization is lighter. 5. Heating equipment can be installed on the mechanical processing production line, easy to realize mechanization and automation, convenient for management, transport and can be cut, saves the manpower, improve the efficiency of produce, appearance may be adjusted according to the requirements of the hardening layer, easy to control. Now, the supporting system in many countries has developed into a distinctive mobile scaffolding accessories construction, form various series of products. This framework and fastener type steel pipe scaffold is similar, only on the stud welding multiple socket, instead of the steel bracket, to avoid the bolt lost assignments and fasteners, stab into the socket, with the cross bar and diagonal can be assembled into various size of the template support. This kind of bracket type of heavy and complicated, use function is different also, in Europe is used more common, southeast Asia and have been used in our country. Above this paper is about the strengths of the mobile scaffolding accessories.
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