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by:Shizhan     2020-09-01
Aluminum alloy scaffolding aluminum frame overall weight light, the whole tower load can reach 1 ton, installation convenience, diversity combination, equipped with adjustable casters characteristics of mobile and flexible, modular combination building, can meet a variety of complex working environment. Easy handling and, besides can use a single set of independent, can be composed of large structures used for elevator, stairs, site construction, etc. Structures, convenient and flexible. Aluminum alloy scaffolding advantage: finalize the design and strengthen rotating and scaling to support structure, applied to the cantilevered balcony, cantilever beam, variable cross-section and the geometric cross section irregular high-rise building better, more obvious characteristics. According to construction module and support at the bottom of the truss by bolt connection, tear open outfit is convenient, basically reached the standard, assembling, standardization, strong commonality. Adopt multi-function climbing frame construction, just need 3 ~ 5 people can climb frame lifting, save labor cost, shorten the construction period, efficiency significantly, reduce cost of spending. All parts adopt special aluminum alloy material, lighter than the traditional steel frame 3/4 parts connected with high intensity, USES the internal expanding external pressure type new type of cold working process, the viaduct scaffold joint destruction pulled off force 4100 - 4400 kg, more than 2100 kg of allowable pulled off. It is easy to install. ; Equipped with high strength castor, portable. Overall structure adopts modular combination design, does not need any installation tools. Quality assurance: meet the national ministry of construction technology and safety standards. Aluminum alloy scaffold has wide and narrow two clock width specifications. Narrow type rack can narrow lap on the ground, convenient and flexible. He can meet the wall corner, stair narrow space such as the high requirements enterprise aerial work is a good helper. Shenzhen tengda aluminum alloy scaffolding is used in construction scaffolding, one of widely used scaffolding, aluminum alloy scaffolding has the tear open outfit simple, bearing characteristics of good performance, the use of safe and reliable, develop quickly. The application in high-rise building construction. It not only can be used for the construction of the internal and external scaffold, and can be used for floor, beam formwork and movable scaffolding, etc. , with more functions, say again so multi-function scaffold.
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