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by:Shizhan     2020-09-07
In order to scientifically evaluate the construction project of production safety situation, improve the work of production safety and civilized construction management level, prevent the happening of the casualty accidents, ensure the safety and health of the worker, the basis of the principle of safety system engineering, combined with the construction of law of casualty accidents, according to the ministry of construction 'construction safety inspection standards' ( JGJ59- 99). , prone to injuries in the construction of main parts, parts and process such as the completion of security checks. This evaluation for qualitative evaluation, in the form of examination assessment, divided into safety management, civilized construction site, scaffolding, foundation pit supporting and template engineering, 'sanbao' protection, construction, material hoist, and external elevators, cranes, lifting and construction machinery, a total of ten points check table and a check score summary table. Summary table of 10 disciplines content inspection result summary, score obtained using the summary table to identify and evaluate the production safety in construction project overall system. Safety management, civilized construction site, scaffolding, foundation pit supporting, and template engineering, 'four' protective 'sanbao', construction electricity, material hoist with external use elevators, cranes, crane hoisting and construction tools such as 10 disciplines, check the assessment breakdown check scale score with a point value between 0 and 100. All inspection items in the table score is the sum of scores obtained in accordance with the provisions, check the content of each table must divided into the sum of their take-home scores all inspection items in the table. In the safety management, civilized construction, scaffolding, foundation pit supporting and template engineering, construction, material hoist with the external use elevators, cranes and heavy eight check assessment, such as set up the guarantee and general projects, ensure project should be the key of the security check. In examination score, when ensure projects have a score, or guarantee in subtotal scoring 40 points, this check scale should not be scored. In case of multiple examination score, scaffolding, cranes, gantry and tic-tac-toe frame and so on, is the score for each individual take-home scores of arithmetic average. Check grade shall not adopt any negative. Each check project clasp mark sum shall not exceed the score that you deserve. Summary score with a point value between 0 and 100, each item check list of the full marks in the summary table score should be respectively: safety management of 10 points; Civilization construction 20 points; Scaffolding 10 points; Foundation pit supporting with template engineering 10 points; 'Sanbao', 'four' protective 10 points; Construction electricity 10 points; Material hoist with external use elevator 10 points; Tower crane 10 points; Lifting 5 points; ; Five points of the machinery. The summary table, each project take-home scores: (press type calculation 7) In case of lack of items in the examination and the summary table score: (press type calculation 8) Many people on the same project should check the score, the weighted scoring method to determine the score, the distribution of the weight principle as follows: (1) full-time security personnel and other personnel, full-time security personnel to 0. 6, other researchers to 0. 2. (2) full-time security personnel, technicians and other personnel, full-time security personnel to 0. 4, technical personnel to 0. 4, other researchers to 0. 2. Table: building construction safety inspection score summary table 6 - Name of enterprise: 72 economic type: the level of qualification: unit engineering ( The construction site) Name building area / ㎡ structure type in total score ( Out of a possible 100 points) The project name and score security management ( Out of ten Civilization construction, Out of 20 points) Scaffold ( Out of ten Foundation pit supporting and template engineering ( Out of ten 'Sanbao' four protection ( Out of ten Construction electricity ( Out of ten Material hoist with external use elevator ( Out of ten Tower crane ( Out of ten Lifting ( Out of 5 points) Construction tools ( Out of 5 points) Comment: check unit tested, head of the project manager, project year month day
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