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Project 2017, huadian power international fengjie tender announcement - power plants the scaffold Aluminum alloy construction platform - climbing scaffold price Industry dynamic

by:Shizhan     2020-09-07
Conditions of the tender project owners for huadian power international co. , LTD. , fengjie power plants. Project investment proportion, huadian power international co. , LTD. , invested by 100%. Construction funds from capital and project financing, the fund has been implemented. Engineering has the tender conditions, is a public tender, all of the potential bidders who are interested in can buy the tender documents, bid. Project profile and the construction site of the project subject to tender bidding range: chongqing fengjie county recreation town cross road village bidding scope: huadian power international co. , LTD. , fengjie power plant unit # 2 minor repair factory committee that scaffolding thereof as shown in the technical specification book. The qualifications of bidders. 3. 1, the bidder shall enter into a contract with independent legal person qualification, belonging to the territory of the People's Republic of China registered as a legal person or other organization, enterprises registered capital of 1 million and above. 3. 2, the last three years did not happen to defraud the winning, serious breach of contract and other bad behavior. 3. 3, has not in the closure, property seized, frozen, and bankruptcy. 3. 4, unit director for the same person or there holding and the different management unit, shall not participate in the same block bidding or divided into bid lots of the same project subject to tender bidding. 3. 5, the bidder must have a special trade or related management department for shelf and heat preservation of enterprise qualification, must have a safety production license. 3. 6, bidding unit in recent 3 years in the engineering project construction no artificial big responsibility accident record. 3. More than 7, nearly 3 years without a general and production safety accidents and major or above quality accident. 3. 8, the tendering does not accept a consortium bid. Tender documents for any interested bidders, please on September 7, 2017 to September 11, 2017, 9 to 12 in the morning, a day (14 to 17 PM Beijing time, hereinafter the same) For the tender. 5. The tender documents to submit 5. 1 bid documents submitted by the deadline ( Bidding deadline, hereinafter the same) For 9 PM on September 29, 2017, 30 points. 5. 2 any bidding documents, the tenderer will not be accepted. Remark: the potential bidders to buy the tender documents, in China construction engineering material centralized purchasing platform ( Address: wwwjsgccgcom) After registration, payment platform, royalties, view detailed tender announcement, registration form, project accessories and parts of project bidding documents, etc. Contact: Bai Lei tel: 0312 - 2664993 preach true: 2664630-0312 2664992 mail box: 540472434 @ qqcom to ensure that you would be able to bid, bid process according to the specific requirements and purchase notice details, will be subject to tender the owner's answer. Aluminum alloy construction platform climbing scaffold
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