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by:Shizhan     2020-08-24
A, 1, prone to place risk analysis: the construction site area. 2, accident consequences: casualties. Second, the project department set up emergency command group and emergency supplies list ( See the attachment) Three, emergency response procedures, reporting procedures (1 1) Principle of accident report information reported to take step by step, finally by engineering projects department reported to the relevant government departments. Found the accident emergency team leader contact or deputy team leader, according to the on-site accident take measures by them, and whether to start the emergency plan. Injuries to expand, the project manager reporting to the competent unit accident information, such as serious injury, death, major accidents, shall report the matter immediately to the local government is in charge of safety supervision department. ( 2) Report information content includes: unit accident situation; Accident time, place, and the scene of the accident situation; After briefly accident; The accident has caused the number of casualties, Including the number of missing) And preliminary estimate direct economic loss; Measures have been taken, etc. ( 3) According to the nature of the accident, the project in accordance with the procedures and time limit prescribed by the state department, timely report to the relevant government departments. 2, emergency disposal ( 1) Accident report safety after the accident, accident site personnel must be in the most efficient method, immediately reported by accident the battalion commander or headquarters office, receiving accident reports, immediately report to the superior emergency rescue command center, at the same time, in accordance with the scheduled program sent immediately to the scene of emergency rescue, understand the accident damage degree, warning and evacuation group is responsible for organizing the sundry to defend the evacuation site, alert group to protect the scene of the accident, and to avoid other people close to the scene, the accident when necessary conditions to garrison and request to provide support for the police force. Responders immediately notify the emergency response team leader, explain the wounded injuries, and according to the actual implementation of the necessary medical treatment, under the condition of the condition allows, first-aid group is responsible for organizing the personnel handling the injured, transferred to a safe place, according to report by the team leader, to decide whether to call 120 emergency medical treatment, and explains the wounded, the route. Alert group should be quickly make confirmation on the surrounding environment, there are still under the condition of risk factors, immediately organize personnel protection, and prohibit personnel in and out. Safety after the accident, must be strictly protect the scene of the accident, and take the necessary measures to rescue personnel and property, quickly spread to prevent accidents. Due to rescue the wounded, prevent accident expanding, and dredge traffic cause need to move the object, must make the logo, pictures, videos, detailed record and map the scene of the accident, and keep the important mark, material evidence, etc. Note: if the first field in the absence of decision makers, policy-makers can be made of the second generation of the command, if the second when the decision-maker is out by the third policymakers instead of command, and so on. ( 2) Emergency disposal a) Scaffolding collapse happened on the construction site, shall be immediately to first aid of the injured, and setting up risk warning area, it is forbidden to have nothing to do with emergency rescue personnel to enter. b) Quickly determine the accurate location of the accident, may spread range, scaffolding the extent of the damage, casualties, etc. , with for emergency treatment according to different situations. c) According to save the principle of priority, and in the case of safeguard the personal safety, as far as possible to save important information and property, and pay attention to their own safety emergency personnel. d) Organization personnel as soon as possible heavy pressure, reduce the wounded compression syndrome, and transferring them to the safe place. e) Have not collapsed parts to repair reinforcement or dismantled, blockade around the danger zone, to prevent further collapse. f) Such as large scaffolding collapse accident, must immediately draw a particular area, a particular area of rescue personnel shall not enter without permission. Work on scaffolding quickly verify number, such as personnel have been the scaffold collapse under pressure, to immediately take measures and reliable reinforce around, then dismantle or cut down the member of the injured man, remove the injured out. Such as scaffolding heavy crane available to raise the frame body slowly, in order to save lives. g) When construction personnel physical injury occurs, emergency personnel should be rushed to the scene as soon as possible, and to call those around timely notify the medical department, do not move patients as much as possible, try to rescue them on the spot. If under unfavorable rescue sites must be patient when moving to a safe place to rescue them, should try to find more people to move in, observe patients breathing and facial expression change, if it is spine fracture, do not bend, twist the patient's neck and body, don't touch the patient's wounds, to relax the body, as far as possible will be patient to carry on a stretcher or tablet. On-site emergency conditions can't meet the demand, must immediately report to the local government departments, and request the necessary support and help. Call 120 emergency calls, the accident location should be specified and injuries, and to send someone to corner to meet. h) In the absence of injuries, should according to the actual situation of scaffolding to reinforce or dismantled, on the premise of to ensure staff safety of life and restore order to the normal construction organization. Fourth, the attachment ( Slightly)
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