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by:Shizhan     2020-08-22
What all aluminum scaffolding factory telephone contact number: 18420150310 offers a variety of international variety of door type scaffold custom scaffold ( Gantry scaffolding customization) The production and use of time is not long in our country, the research unit of scaffolding, sui generis, each other is not universal, variety specification variety. The size of doors scaffold is various countries around the world, there are two units adopt the international unit and imperial. Such as English unit type 1219 the width of the door frame for 4 & amp; '; ( 1219毫米) , height of 6 & amp; '; 4' ( 1930mm) , 1219 international units of the width of the door frame is 1200 mm, height is 1900 mm. The door frame width of scaffolding companies in foreign countries mainly 900, 914, 1200, 1219 mm, the size of the door frame height a lot, become a system oneself. Foreign steel scaffold ( Gantry scaffolding customization) Using the material of steel tube material and size has special provisions, such as Japanese standard doors scaffold poling of the main parts of the material used for STK - 51 steel, size is 42. 7 & 次; 2. 5 mm, auxiliary pole material used for STK - 41 steel, size is 34. 2 & 次; 2. And 3 mm? 27. 2 & 次; 2. 0mm. How much all aluminum scaffolding factory telephone
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