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by:Shizhan     2020-09-02
Now in the market of the species is numerous, the ladder aluminum alloy ladder, telescopic ladder, insulation ladder, herringbone ladder and so on many kinds, some species may not have even heard of it. Aluminum alloy ladder height to width ratio is too large, lateral support is insufficient, Overall buckling/whole dump) 。 Structure safety, solid: connection parts high strength, stability, support institutions design science, overall structure security firm. Qimen county in anhui aluminum ladder in pipeline construction, but also in height more than 3. Part 6 meters above, just have the scaffold project. When operating the old fasteners, need to sample of fasteners, to send relevant national qualification inspection unit of fasteners, slip resistance, adjustable feet, equipment casters. Common sense of choose and buy 1 of aluminum alloy ladder. The choose and buy time to see if the ladder four feet level, if there is a loose desoldering riveting or welding. 2. If the insulation ladder of choose and buy, it remains to be seen whether the surface bubbles. Scaffolding demolished to envision how good demolition scheme, general order: safety federated eye network, hand, foot, foot even wall rod, tie rod, bracing, joists, big bar, small bar, stud, board according to the top-down first break after take away down the forbidden and at the same time homework first shall not adopt any step type or take section, division surface dismantled. 'Jiangsu province high suspension operation safety management regulations' ( Trial) Article 1 in order to strengthen the high suspension operation safety management, homework personnel life safety and health protection, to ensure the safety of high suspension operation, according to the supervision and administration of production safety regulations of jiangsu province and other safety related laws and regulations and standards, these provisions are formulated. Shenzhen tengda aluminum alloy scaffolding in conformity with the SGS certification, accord with Europe and the United States ANSI, justice in the United States EN, Australia AS quality inspection. Qimen county in anhui aluminum alloy ladder any level, the working platform can be set up in the tower height is 46 cm per level. Category ( Different environment, different working form, should choose different types of ladder) 。 Choose the ladder type although now there are many kinds of the ladder, but by now the mainstream market division, mainly divides into aluminum ladders, telescopic ladder, insulation ladder, herringbone ladder, buy a ladder I feel also depends on demand first, what kind of requirements, to buy what kind of the ladder, is reasonable. Choose the ladder brand actually choose is to choose quality and after-sale, compared with the ordinary ladder, brand ladder is more easy to choose and buy, it is also a brand advantage. Many manufacturers are focusing on the ladder a material, such as dry, use of high strength aluminum alloy material, shanzhai manufacturers, of course, I will not choose, it is not honest. The choice of each person's choice of brand are not the same, or better choose according to individual be fond of. Third according to the capital to choose products in choosing a product, of course, individual be fond of a same word, the choice of products are nothing more than performance, appearance, material, workmanship and how to choose to believe will have to see everyone's money and preferences, of course, this money is very critical. Choose products to see some have to buy the use of the user feel or reviews, good also read some negative articles, so more can understand the advantages and disadvantages of the selected ladder, to help make their own choice. According to the service to choose the seller service is 4 each user when buyers are concerned, after how long time, pay maintenance is confirmed how long.
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