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Questions and answers about scaffolding

by:Shizhan     2020-09-19
1 What is the role of the scissor support on the scaffold?
Answer: Prevent longitudinal deformation of the scaffold and enhance the overall rigidity of the scaffold.
2 What are the safety regulations when there are external power lines on the outside of the scaffold?
Answer: It is strictly forbidden to set up ramps for the upper and lower scaffolding on the side with external power lines.
3 Can the hand frame be connected to the unloading platform?
Answer: No, the unloading platform should be set independently.
4 Which steel pipes are not allowed to be used for scaffolding?
Answer: Severely corroded, flattened, bent, or cracked steel pipes.
5 Which fasteners should not be used?
Answer: Anything with cracks, deformation, shrinkage, and slippage shall not be used.
6 What signs should be hung on the unloading platform?
Answer: The reminder of the limited load.
7 How many meters should the erection height of door scaffolding generally not exceed?
Answer: It should not exceed 45 meters.
8 When the load-bearing wire rope of the hanging blue frame is connected to the safety wire rope, there should be no less than three rope clamps. Is this statement correct?
Answer: Incorrect, because these two kinds of steel wire ropes cannot be extended.
9 What are the safety requirements for the overall lifting frame when lifting?
Answer: It is strictly forbidden to stand on the frame when lifting.
10 What are the main safety devices of the overall hoist?
Answer: Anti-falling device and anti-overturning device.
11 What safety protection devices must be equipped with the hanging basket scaffold?
Answer: Brake, travel limit, safety lock, anti-tilting device, overload protection device.
12 What are the requirements for the counterweight of the hanging basket scaffold?
Answer: (1) The suspension mechanism of the gondola or the roof trolley must be equipped with appropriate counterweight; (2) The counterweight should be accurately and firmly installed on the counterweight, and a counterweight of sufficient quality should be configured according to the drawings. The gondola must be verified by a safety inspector before it can be used; (3) The anti-overturning coefficient is equal to the counterweight moment to the forward tilting moment, and the ratio should not be less than 2.
13 How much should the top of the scaffold pole be higher than the roof?
Answer: The top of the pole should be higher than the parapet wall lm and higher than the cornice epithelium 1. 5m.
14 Is steel and bamboo mixed scaffolding available? Why?
Answer: Not available. The basic requirement of scaffolding is to keep stable without shaking or deforming after the overall force is applied. The joints of the rods are the key to force transmission, and the mixed scaffolding has no reliable binding materials, which causes the joints to relax and the frame body deforms, which cannot meet the force requirements of the scaffold.
15 At what stage should the scaffold and its foundation be inspected and accepted?
Answer: (1) After the foundation is completed and before the scaffolding is erected; (2) Before the load is applied on the working layer; (3) After every 10-13m height is erected; (4) After the sixth-level wind and heavy rain, open in cold areas After freezing; (5) After reaching the design height; (6) being out of service for more than one month.
16 What kind of protective equipment should be worn by personnel engaged in scaffolding?
Answer: Wear a helmet, seat belt, and non-slip shoes.
17 During the use of scaffolding, which rods are prohibited to be removed?
Answer: (1) Vertical and horizontal horizontal rods at the main node, vertical and horizontal sweeping rods; (2) Connecting wall pieces.
18 What are the requirements for personnel engaged in shelf erection operations?
Answer: The scaffolding personnel must be professional scaffolders who have passed the assessment according to the current national standard 'Special Operation Personnel Safety and Technical Assessment Management Rules'. Personnel on the job should have regular physical examinations. Only those who pass the certificate can take the job.
19 What are the requirements for the scissor brace setting of the portal steel pipe frame in the 'Technical Code for the Safety of Construction Construction Portal Steel Pipe Scaffolding'?
Answer: (1) When the height of the scaffold exceeds 20m, it should be continuously installed on the outside of the scaffold; (2) The angle of inclination between the scaffolding bar and the ground should be 45 degrees to 60 degrees, and the width of the scaffolding should be 4-8m; (3) Scissors The bracing should be fastened with the mast pole; (4) If the lap joint length of the scissor support diagonal rod is adopted, the lap length should not be less than 600mm, and the lap joint should be fastened with two fasteners.
20 What are the requirements for the overall verticality and horizontal deviation of the scaffolding in the erection of portal scaffolding?
Answer: The allowable deviation of verticality is 1/600 and ±50mm of the height of the scaffold; the allowable deviation of horizontality is 1/600 and ±50mm of the length of the scaffold.
21 What are the requirements for the load of the masonry frame and decorative frame?
Answer: The load of the masonry frame should not exceed 270 kg/m2, and the decorative scaffold should not exceed 200 kg/m2.
22 What anti-skid measures should be taken for the herringbone ladder?
Answer: There should be a strong hinge and a zipper that restricts expansion, and anti-skid measures should be taken when using it on a slippery floor.
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