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by:Shizhan     2020-09-03
Scaffold fastener tolerance: the choice of scaffold fasteners should be flexible rotation without stagnation after inserted into the shaft. If there is a obvious rotation is not flexible, indicates the size of the shaft is too big, tolerances must be cut. Such as scaffolding fasteners pressure into the shaft by hand after the rotation has obvious 'sasha vujacic' feeling, is the axis of the radian of tolerance is too large or shaft is bad. When good control of axis and the scaffold fastener tolerance so also want to control the radian. Scaffold fastener assembly way: because of scaffold fasteners precision demand is high, such as improper assembly is easy to cause harm to the scaffold fastener channel, serious will cause the damage of scaffold fasteners. Scaffold fastener on assembly should be the special mould, do not arbitrarily to knock. Need to adopt pneumatic or hydraulic assembly, lower die when being connected to outside the state level, if there are any tilt will lead to the scaffold fastener channel due to mechanical damage, thus influence the scaffolding fasteners. Paint the rust prevention: paint rust is characterized by multiple in sealing type motor, the motor sound is very good, when it is assembled but put some time in the warehouse, the motor sound is very big, remove the scaffolding fasteners with serious rust phenomenon. Shenzhen tengda tell you, the problem is mainly because of insulating paint volatilizes out acid corrosive formed under certain temperature and humidity of material, the scaffolding fasteners channel after corrosion lead to damage of scaffold fasteners. Assembly foreign body how to prevent: scaffolding fasteners in the loaded on the rotor, balance will be easily generated when the dynamic balance of iron into the scaffold fastener inside, so it is best to install completes the balance before the scaffold fasteners. There are some manufacturers in order to convenient assembly, assembly time - on the scaffolding fasteners interior coating Some oil or grease lubrication effect, but usually the operator is difficult to control, if oil or grease on the scaffold fastener product to keep indoor is more, the scaffolding fasteners rotates along axis to the scaffolding fasteners internal easily. Scaffolding fasteners room had better not apply oil or grease, if must apply to control shall not have residues in scaffolding fasteners indoor.
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