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Recommended Projects for Alien Stage Projects

by:Shizhan     2020-03-21
Alien stage refers to the stage of unconventional shape. It is more popular in the current mainstream stage design. It can be used to coordinate the venue facilities with the theme to fully express the activities. Below we will explain a few cases of the alien stage we designed for you. The stage designed for the brand Dongfeng Nissan Auto Show. This special-shaped stage project is a stage specially designed for the auto show. The entire design fits perfectly with the theme of the auto show and conforms to the curved design of the audience. This stage design has made the auto show half successful! This stage design is not only suitable for car shows, it is also a good choice for large-scale performances. The special-shaped event stage of Hebei Wanbo Plaza is designed for small-scale performances according to the venue facilities. Two stages of different heights are connected by ladders in the middle, which is simple, fast and practical. It can be suitable for various small and medium-sized events, such as shopping mall promotions, evening parties And other topics. The catwalks specially designed for foreign countries, unconventional linear stages, novel curved designs, and overall coordination make the whole stage full of vitality. This stage is designed for fashion catwalks.
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