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Regulations on the use of scaffolding and scaffolding - Industry dynamic - - aluminum alloy scaffolding manufacturer Focus - aerial work platform Jiangsu shizhan

by:Shizhan     2020-08-29
Article 1 work in a high foot hand but I must be in more than 50 mm and the thickness of the tie. Chute plate should be nailed horizontal wood. It is strictly prohibited to log ( Chinese fir from) Instead of wood to use. Article 2 set of scaffolding on high connection should be staggered board. Probe plate length should not exceed 300 mm. Article 3 above 20 meters above the frame, the surrounding should be one meter high fence. Stand around the bottom should be not less than 0. 1 meter of the baffle to moving objects. Article 4 in the table should have a strong ladder, step ladder application diameter 4. 0 mm wire tie, not allowed to use a nail. Stand can withstand the weight should be obvious by board indicate, where people up and down. Article 5 when more than 5 meters high scaffolding work, should use a seat belt or use the scaffold board verge outside. Workers should wear soft shoes, should not be winter wear plastic shoes. Article 6 high homework personnel with the use of tools and materials, shall be equipped with tool bag, and pay attention to the tools and materials from the drop down. Passing objects up and down with a rope, forbid throwing up and down. Article 7 when take down the scaffolding near electrically charged equipment, should be a power outage, otherwise must comply with the following provisions: 1, across more than 35 kv and live equipment is forbidden. Horizontal distance should be not less than 3 m; 2, 10 kv and below, the horizontal and vertical distance should not be less than 1. 0 meters; 3, should have electrical staff supervision. Article 8 the efficacy of safe appliance parts 1, safe appliance not only should the correct use and custody, and tested on a regular basis. 2, for electrical insulation safe appliance test rules are as follows: name of appliance test cycle test voltage test time insulating rod year 44 kv insulating clamp 5 minutes three times a year 5 minutes line voltage test pencil half year 5 minutes 40 kv high-voltage insulating gloves half year 8 kv 1 minute 2 low-voltage insulating gloves six months. Insulating boots 5 kv 1 minute half year 3, 15 kv 1 minute fire equipment in addition to check on schedule, should also be in accordance with the provisions, replace the fire extinguisher. Ensure the use effect of fire extinguishers. 4, crane according to the provisions of the relevant departments of the period, and specify the efficacy on schedule, maintenance repair plant.
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