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by:Shizhan     2020-09-03
To implement the JGJ130-1 2001 technical specification for the fastener type steel pipe scaffold safety, to prevent the operator from falls, scaffolding collapsed and objects against accidents. 2 these provisions shall apply to new construction, rebuilding and expansion of the housing construction engineering, decoration, and municipal infrastructure construction with the scaffold project. Responsible for the overall contracting units 1 construction urge timely in the process of engineering construction subcontractors erection of scaffolding and all kinds of operation platform; 2 construction general contracting unit be responsible for all subcontractors of all kinds of scaffolding set down the audit, declare formalities; 3 construction general contracting unit is responsible for coordinating the safe production management of subcontractors, organize regular special inspection work; 4 is responsible for organizing the inspection of scaffolding, operating platform and its subcontractors construction site safety measures; 。 2 enterprise security department, project department of each half a month the stability and the safety of the construction site scaffolding frame body safety protection for no less than a special inspection, and make records; 3 full-time security officer every day on the safety of the scaffold project status and operation platform, protection work for inspection, found that the problem timely request all team for rectification, and make records; 4 scaffolder shift according to the construction progress timely and erection of scaffolding, should be done before erection of scaffolding safety technical disclosure, after be used by the erection team, team leader, safety management, etc. At least three or more persons to sign the acceptance. 1 supervisor and site supervision of construction project construction scaffolding and operating platform to conduct a comprehensive supervision and management; 2 supervision unit dealing with construction unit reported scaffold disassembly scheme and safety measures for examination and approval; 3 supervision unit for the implementation of the scaffold construction scheme and construction safety management supervision responsibility; 4 responsible for the examination of scaffolding engineering supervision units, and find hidden trouble in security of scaffolding, asking for timely rectification, rectification must be shutdown if the circumstances are serious, the construction unit refuses to rectification or do not stop construction, the construction supervising units shall timely report the construction engineering safety quality surveillance. 1 scaffolding steel pipe must be no rust, no welding, no deformation SC48 diameter, wall thickness is 3. 5 mm of the same specifications of the welded pipe, materials must comply with the straight seam welded steel pipe ( GB / T13793) Requirements. Malleable iron should be used 2 steel fasteners fasteners made of low weight is not 1. 2 kg, bolt tightening torque of 65 n · M, shall not damage, should be consistent with existing national standard steel tube scaffold fasteners ( GB15831) Rules. 3 foot plank can use steel, wood, bamboo materials, steel scaffolding shall comply with the national standard 'carbon structural steel' ( GB / T700) Q235 in - The provisions of the A grade steel and anti-skid measures; Wooden scaffolding material should comply with the national standard specifications for design of timber structure ( GBJ5) Ⅱ level material in ( 200 mm wide, 50 mm thickness, length of not less than 2 m) 。 The stem base, stow-wood scaffolding. Chock should be adopted, 200 mm wide, 50 mm thickness, the length of not less than two across, and not less than 2 m) The wood; Base should use 150 x 150 x 10 mm steel plate, steel column in the center of weld length 100 mm or casing. 3. 1. 5 all buildings outside the scaffold, must according to the double row scaffolding. 1 prepare a ( Open) Scaffolding special plan content must be comprehensive, measures of safe, reliable, strong operability, draw the scaffolding, floor plan, elevation, section, even the wall is a must meet JGJ130 - and bracing 2001 technical specification for the fastener type steel pipe scaffold safety requirements. Making special plan must be signed by this unit, head of enterprise technology, the total project supervision engineer for approval. Qualified rear can implement. 2 before take down the scaffolding, operation department must apply to the supervision company for scaffolding demolition job ticket, after the examination and approval rear can implement. 3 operators work conditions of the erection of scaffolding after the operator has to be tested for their qualifications related department issued by the ascent of the erection of scaffolder working certificate, and a healthy body, have no fear of heights, epilepsy, high blood pressure and other disorders.
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