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by:Shizhan     2020-08-31
Aluminum alloy scaffolding pedal choose contact phone number: 18420150310 for detecting button bowl of scaffold fittings, I'm here to discuss with everybody: table into freedom, table into freedom related to scaffolding operation life, in order to better operation, is also must pay attention to the monitoring of a place. In the long-term operations, erosion by wind and rain, the bearing capacity of the scaffolding will inevitably decline, so attention should be paid to the bearing capacity of the monitoring of the scaffold. The monitoring: the appearance of the inner hole damage is easy to find, so pay attention to the monitoring of the inner hole. Inner hole problem mostly scaffolding connection department of inner hole, this is a secluded place, it is easy to appear problem and not to be found, so must pay attention to the monitor. Scaffolding is necessary to use in the building, the safety of the scaffold to ensure the safety of workers in the construction so we for scaffolding must pay attention to timely detection. Welding of safe monitoring, which is prone to problem of space, so also should pay attention to. To monitor the bowl scaffold accessories bearing strength, this is the most important. Aluminum alloy scaffolding pedal options
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