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by:Shizhan     2020-08-31
Beijing hot galvanizing plate buckles manufacturers contact phone number: 18420150310 round button scaffolding, of course, there are a lot of benefits, but he needs the support of the ground for setting the operation, in the soft soil ground is easy to collapse, so he is not as cantilever scaffold operations. Structures, simply insert the plug of shaft at both ends when poling photogenic corresponding taper hole hammer down. Economic and practical: not from other scaffolding, round buckle scaffold component composition is very few, only a stud, bar two departments. So work there are always two sides to everything, is bound to the giants, based on the needs of itself and the actual construction environment for the selection of the scaffold. At the time of operation, both lunch rbis and reduces the parts damage, the possibility of loss. Install lunch: round buckle scaffold take down speed is 8 - fastener scaffold 10 times, is the bowl of a scaffold of more than 2 times. 。 The diversity of the function: wheel button scaffolding steel tube mast with adjustable tap, adjustable, double adjustable early, on the choice of beam and frame accessories such as joint operations, with all kinds of steel pipe scaffold mutual operation, implement all kinds of versatility. Constant high safety function: round buckle scaffold without any tightening of work pieces, in the operation can guarantee reasonable distribution of strain and stress on the nodes to ensure excellent rigidity and invariance, maximum limit to prevent deflation a traditional scaffolding deeds cause unsafe hidden danger. Large load capacity, the bearing capacity of the wheel button scaffolding is very big, each stud allow carry 3 - Number 4 tons, and the operation of inclined rod is much less than traditional scaffolding. Beijing hot galvanizing plate buckles manufacturers
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