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by:Shizhan     2020-09-07
Signed the lessor: the contract number: the lessee: location: signing time: year month day according to the economic contract law and related regulations, according to the principle of equality and mutual benefit, to clarify the rights and obligations of the lessor and tenant, party a, both parties agree that this contract is made. The first lease supplies goods _ aluminum alloy scaffolding _____; Specifications _____________________________. The number of _____________________________. Quality _____________________________. Article 2 the term 'lease term: since the year month solstice year month day. For days. The lessee for engineering need to extend the lease, should be in the days before the expiration of the contract, to sign the contract. Article 3 the rent rent charge: the article 4 of the deposit ( Margin) By mutual agreement, the lessor charges the lessee deposit yuan. The lessee shall pay after delivery formalities. During the lease in the deposit of the rent; The expiry of the lease, after deducting cope with leasing material defect compensation, deposit balance of returned to the lessee. Article 5 the lease supplies during the maintenance of the lease, the lessee for renting the goods shall be properly kept, and maintenance expenses. Lease goods return, examination and acceptance of both sides, if there are any damage, missing, poor maintenance, etc. , according to the two sides through consultation of the lease material defect compensation and the measures for the maintenance fee, the lessor pay compensation by the tenant direction, repair and maintenance fee. Article 6 the lessor to change one, during the period of the lease, the lessor such as leasing transfers the ownership of the goods to a third party, formal notice must be given to the lessee, the lease supplies new ownership party becomes a of this contract, of course, the lessor. Second, during the period of the lease, the lessee shall not lease material transfer, sublet to a third party to use, and shall not be sold or as collateral. Article 7 the liability for breach of contract: 1. Did not provide leasing goods according to time, should be paid to the lessee default period rent % penalty due to breach of contract. 2. Not according to lease supplies quality, should be paid to the lessee default period rent % penalty due to breach of contract. 3. Not according to the number of lease supplies, making the lessee cannot effect the normal use, except in accordance with the provisions, use up all % period rent should also pay default. 4. Other breach. Second, the lessee for breach of contract: 1. Don't pay the rent on time, should be paid to the lessor default period rent % penalty due to breach of contract. 2. Overdue don't also lease supplies, % period rent to the lessor shall pay default. 3. In the event of a transfer, sublet or leasing goods sell, mortgage, etc, in addition to the lessor has the right to terminate the contract, the time limit for repaid in leasing materials, the lessee shall also be % period rent to the lessor pay default. 4. Other breach. Article 8 dispute solution in article 9 of the other agreement in article 10 of this contract is in copies, contract both sides each hold. This contract attachment is part of the contract, with the contract are equally authentic. The lessor ( Chapter) The lessee ( Chapter) Unit address: address: the legal representative: legal representative: ( Or the entrusted agent) ( Or the entrusted agent) Phone: : electric hang: electric hang: zip code: zip code: bank: bank:
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