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by:Shizhan     2020-09-07
The original address: province quota station zwn5827 answer questions about the scaffolding scaffolding engineering 1, of the third chapter wall parapet wall and roof gutter baffle can calculate scaffolding? Answer: the casing outside the wall with a parapet height can be calculated to the top of the parapet; The vertical height (the groove flap From the gutter at the bottom of the plate to the top of the baffle) More than 50 centimeters, the scaffold can be used as a roof rail parapet, 2 computation to calculate scaffolding? A: no. 3, the main structure of the only ( Including roofing insulation waterproof) Outside scaffolding, how to calculate? Answer: according to the regulation of corresponding outside scaffolding, but the quota of the turnover materials multiplied by the coefficient of 0. 7. 4. How to calculate the buildings on the layer of the outside of the scaffold? A: add layer to building the outside of the scaffold is calculated, from outdoor terrace to exterior masonry roof surface height multiplied by exterior perimeter. Set the appropriate external steps hand quota subtitle multiplied by the coefficient of 0. 55. The lower part of the building is very wide, the upper is very narrow. Upper part of the external scaffold erected at the bottom of the roof. The upper portion of the external scaffold fixed according to the height of what? Answer: the upper scaffold should from lower to upper eaves drop height for fixed roof. 6. Calculate the wall when the scaffold is deducted the height of the ring beam? A: not the height of the retaining ring beam 7. Frame beam and continuous beam and plate casting, the scaffold can be calculated? A: scaffold cannot be used for beam and plate beam and plate. 8, frame column scaffolding how to calculate? Answer: the cast-in-situ reinforced concrete frame column according to the provisions of the independent column calculating scaffolding around the building frame column is not counted. Calculate scaffold 9, scaffold for reinforced concrete short shear wall how to calculate? A: scaffold reinforced concrete short shear wall according to the provisions of the scaffolding calculation of reinforced concrete wall. 10, lift shaft wall can calculate scaffolding? Answer: calculate according to the elevator shaft hole elevator well, scaffold cannot be used for elevator shaft construction of the wall. 11, basic calculation and construction scaffolding, quota calculation according to the floor area, including & quot; Floor & quot; To point to? With the depth of the rules? Answer: 'floor' refers to the ground floor, rather than a cushion layer depth should be greater than 1. 2 m12, scaffolding steel tube only Buddhism, such as actual use bamboo to build norm of how to set up? A: 13 item of steel pipe scaffold without conversion, cantilever balcony scaffolding how to calculate? A: when cantilever balcony pick out 1. 2 m above the outer walls of the scaffold pick 14 according to the length of the direction along the wall, balcony partition can calculate scaffolding? A: yes, according to the provisions of the corresponding wall type scaffold 15. General contractor construction unit subcontracting external decoration. Exteriors frame can be calculated? A: no, not external scaffolding factor. 16, height of ceiling keel construction in 3. More than 6 m, condole top surface height in 3. Less than 6 m, can be calculated with the scaffold? Answer: according to the height of construction, can be calculated with scaffolding. Article 17, the third chapter, 24 m also want to comprehensive chute materials '' inside and outside, so can an outer layer of more than 24 m extra chute? A: has been considered, not separate 18, septic tank wall more than 1. 2 m can calculate scaffolding? A: yes, it is 19, septic tanks, covers an area of more than 20 m2 can into and scaffolding calculation? Calculate the whole framework, masonry framework can also work? A: if the septic tank depth more than 1. 2 meters, the base area of more than 20 square meters, can be calculated with scaffolding. Building walls, scaffolding should be used alone. 20, safety net, building vertical closed volume calculation is based on what? Answer: according to the safety regulations and approved construction organization design and calculation of 21. Where is the overhead transport mode to use? A: two adjacent building under construction at the same time. To facilitate the building of the two buildings artificial and material exchange, built a tunnel on the floor. 22. How to calculate the scaffolding used to install the component? A: used to install the components of the scaffold has been considered in the component installation norm, no longer separate.
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