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Requirements for the safe use of scaffolding

by:Shizhan     2020-09-19
1. To build high-rise scaffolding, all materials used must meet the quality requirements.
2. The foundation of high-rise scaffolding must be firm, calculated before erection, to meet the load requirements, and erect according to the construction specifications, and take good drainage measures.
3. The technical requirements for scaffolding erection shall conform to relevant regulations and rules.
4. It is necessary to pay great attention to various structural measures: scissors bracing, tie points, etc. should be set according to requirements.
5. Horizontal blockade: starting from the first step, every step or two steps, the scaffolding board or scaffolding fence should be spread all over, and the scaffolding board should be laid in the long direction, and the joints should be stacked on the small crossbars, and empty-head boards are strictly prohibited. And a long safety fence is laid every four steps between the inner pole and the wall.
6. Vertical blockade: From the second step to the fifth step, each step requires a 1.00m high protective railing and toe board or a net on the inner side of the outer row of vertical poles, and the protective pole (net) is fastened to the vertical pole; In addition to the protective barriers above the fifth step, all safety fences or safety nets should be set up; in the streets or densely populated areas, you should start from the second step and set up safety fences or safety nets all outside.
7. The scaffolding should be 1.5m higher than the top of the building or the operating surface, and enclosures should be added.
8. The steel pipes, fasteners, scaffolding boards and joints on the finished scaffold shall not be removed at will. When necessary during construction, the person in charge of the construction site must agree and take effective measures. After the process is completed, it will resume immediately.
9. Before the scaffold is used, the person in charge of the construction site should organize the inspection and acceptance, and fill in and submit the inspection form before it can be used. During the construction process, there should be professional management, inspection and maintenance, and settlement observation should be suspended regularly, and reinforcement measures should be taken in time if abnormalities are found.
10. When removing the scaffold, check the connection with the building first, and clean the remaining materials and sundries on the scaffold. From top to bottom, install first, then dismantle, and then dismantle the second. The materials should be transported downwards or hoisted into the air in a unified manner, and the materials should be cleared step by step. The stepping method is not allowed, and it is strictly prohibited to throw downwards or use push (pull) to remove.
11. When setting up and dismantling scaffolding, a guard zone should be set up and special personnel should be sent to guard. In the event of strong winds above level 6 and severe weather, the scaffolding work should be suspended.
12. The plea for the foundation, the foundation is unusual, please use the adjustable base feet to achieve balance. The foundation must have the ability to withstand the pressure of scaffolding and work.
13. The staff must wear safety belts during construction and high-altitude work. Please install safety nets around the work area to prevent heavy objects from falling and hurting others.
14. The components and accessories of the scaffold are strictly prohibited from falling or hitting during transportation and storage; when overlapping, disassembling and disassembling, it is strictly forbidden to throw them down from a high place. When disassembling, operate from top to bottom.
15. Pay attention to safety during the application process. It is strictly forbidden to play around on the shelf, and never predict the occurrence of accidents.
16. Although work is important, safety and life are becoming more and more important. Please keep the above contents in mind.
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