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Requirements for the use of scaffolding safety nets

by:Shizhan     2020-09-19
The safety net plays a role in safety protection during construction. It can effectively prevent parts from falling from the outside and ensure the safety of pedestrians in the past. What should be paid attention to when using safety nets correctly?

First of all, pay attention to keeping the safety net clean, and clean up the construction waste in the net in time. If there are foreign objects that can cause wear in the net, the safety net must be cleaned and dried. In addition, the mesh body should not be polluted by chemicals or corrosive liquids, and avoid welding sparks from entering the mesh and avoid contact with high temperature environments.

Second, the connection between the safety net and the support frame should be firm and not loose. To check whether there are signs of wear or disconnection of the tie rope, replace it in time.

Third, do not touch sharp tools during the transportation of the safety net, which may cause damage to the net body. When the safety net needs to be stored, it should be placed in the warehouse in a proper and orderly manner. It should not be stacked at will, and the warehouse should be ventilated and moisture-proof, and the temperature should not be too high.

The above are a few precautions for the use of safety nets. Only proper use and maintenance can make it play its due role. The most important thing to observe during construction is whether the safety net is worn or deformed, and timely replacement and maintenance are carried out to ensure construction safety.
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