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by:Shizhan     2020-09-02
Button scaffold standard base: the main function of the adjustable base position after placing standard base, again with rail connections, can make the foundation firmly, make subsequent build-up action more quickly. The frame poling: the main purpose of the slabs for the main support of the whole system. Connection mode: circular tube connection rod or outer bushing for close connection. Advantages: 1) Poling limit load of up to 200 tons, bearing force, meet the demand of the construction site, 2) Fully automatic professional welding process, no welding flaw, security and stability performance of super disc button scaffolding bar: main use: make the average stress distribution between the frame and support each other, not easily get bent out of shape. Connection mode: between the rail head and the disc to the international standard cast steel fittings and wedge self-locking bolt is fixed. Then button scaffolding and ordinary scaffold for decorative have what differentiation? Plate construction scaffolding is in the process of engineering construction site operations, because the needs of the aerial work and need scaffold made of connection between parts, have the effect of the essence, can achieve the operators operating requirements, and decorative horse because of beautiful and foot frame, both the role of the different. Mainly is the difference between the main structure, the adoption of a button scaffolding and separate when decorating, use scaffolding, they are very different. A is for the need to set up the main structure, and the setting of the strengthened beam scaffold, is the need to account for. Another kind of decorate a scaffold, sometimes use structure of scaffold, can no longer consider calculation. To calculate the relevant expenses shall be computed according to the rules. Unless there is a separate when decorating, to calculate some scaffolding. Overall, button type construction scaffolding structure has formed a more specialized specification, different applications have specific corresponding construction scaffolding. And from the point of demand, on a long and, in recent years the development of construction industry demand for construction scaffolding is greater.
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