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by:Shizhan     2020-06-17
In fact, business performance as a common activity, support its development of a modern assembly stage. Normally, be used for commercial performance stage, not only to superior performance, but also convenient for storage and transportation. So, can free disassembly, combination of rhea, the stage has become the mainstream of outdoor stage business performance. Rhea, rhea stage, which USES the frame is made of assembled into a stage. Rhea, the so-called 'frame' refers to the use of cast steel or stamping plate welding on the column, bar connection through the wheel on the rail head and the pillar, the truss by pin chip fixed up again. Because it is a German LAYHER ( Rhea) Rhea, company invented, so called 'rack'. Rhea, because 'rack' stability is very good, are often used to build large-scale concert light frame and background frame. Rhea frame stage and used as a stage, you can also add a rail for secondary reinforcement. So, rhea stage bearing quality is very good. Rhea frame stage another advantage is easy installation, disassembly and simple. Stage when installation, just tap on a pin or a wooden hammer hammer, fixed, and whether to install or remove, accessories are not easily lost. Usually, rhea stage because of the popular with the market, so the manufacturer is more, and it's more direct manufacturers, the price is cheaper than other stage.
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