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Rizhao site aerial work, two workers trapped in 40 meters - Industry dynamic - - aluminum alloy scaffolding manufacturer Focus - aerial work platform jiang

by:Shizhan     2020-08-30
This kind of circumstance endangering rizhao a construction site tilt and fall of the basket. Two workers were trapped in 40 meters high altitude: release time: 2019/10/23. 01 when on October 22, 12 points, rizhao fire stone fort fire department received a notice, to zhengzhou road, 100 meters south of the han village, a construction site and the city lianyungang road interchange. In zhengzhou road, 100 meters south of the han home village and city lianyungang road interchange, two workers on the outside wall of the first tower. When electric basket broke down, hanging on the basket side of the 40 m high appeared serious tilt and fracture. Two staff's survival is at stake, firefighters rushed to the scene immediately, with 52 m platform at 12 two 10 points from the scene to rescue trapped personnel, on inquiring alarm and accident investigation, and found that the accident happened in a high-rise residential buildings under construction in the east. The basket of about 40 meters high from the ground, the basket of tilt to one side, is in danger of falling again at any time, in order to prevent the trapped workers injured again. Li led a immediately with two sets of rescue equipment fighters use 52 meters platform fire engines to calm the men, and quickly close to rescue team when close to the basket. Two workers with the help of the firemen, successfully climbed into the truck working barrel within 20 minutes, and then two trapped workers safely to the ground, simple processing of the men. 120 medical staff will be 2 trapped personnel sent to the emergency center for treatment.
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