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by:Shizhan     2020-08-25
A, accident situation: on the afternoon of March 4, 2001, a total package, construction general contracting company in Shanghai Shanghai construction company, the main contract, Shanghai decoration company specialized subcontracting of a high-rise residential project site, for more than 12 layer outside the paint construction basically completed, the main contractors scaffolding engineering subcontractors rack monitor of class one obtained the consent of his commander sun tan, arrange three homework personnel Ⅲ ~ 20 a period of 19 a shaft axis of 12 to 16 layer balcony facade long high step 5, 1. 5 m, width of 0. 9 m steel cantilever scaffolding demolition job. About 15 PM, three dismantled all 16 layer to 15 and 14 layer parts of cantilever scaffold facade and connection of fixed scaffolding rod and floor on the 14th floor balcony railings rod, tie rod. When to nearly 13 layer, cantilever scaffold instability capsized causes is the third step of cantilever scaffold on two workers with cantilever scaffold He Mou, yu a body falling to the ground and three layers respectively the balcony platform ( Fall height 39 m and 31 m, respectively) 。 Immediately after the accident, the project department will be sent to the hospital, two people because of his injuries, after the rescue invalid death. Second, the cause of the accident analysis: after investigation and site survey, simulation frame reconstruction analysis 1, the direct reason for He Mou 'before the three men, not to the cantilever scaffold inspection and reinforcement of the demolition, in the department of horizontal tie down, so that in a horizontal bar, frame body buckling instability capsized, is the direct cause of the accident. 2 professional unit leader sun, subcontractors, indirect reasons before dismantling not carefully according to the provisions of safety technical disclosure, workers wear not according to stipulations and the use of seat belts, and not to carry out the supervision of dangerous operations, is the indirect reason causing this accident. 3, the main reason for another professional subcontractors scaffolder He Mou, as certified scaffolder special operations personnel, the examination of training in the job is responsible for the floor level within the tie rod and the connecting rod in addition to work, but not according to stipulations for homework, first will be dismantled and horizontal rod, connecting rod lead to buckling instability overturn frame body, is the main cause of the accident. Cause an accident, put river doing should be mainly responsible for the accident. Three, accident prevention and control measures: 1, the four groups for field under paragraph 1 to Ⅲ and transformation layer away and rectification, focus on clean floor scattered objects, garbage, steel pipes, fasteners and other materials to speak row pile up on the spot, the rubbish cleared in a timely manner. 2, the side holes in the floor completely closed, set up the protective railings, closed floor holes. Thoroughly of large mechanical equipment maintenance repair, focus on cargo elevator, hanging basket, check electrical boxes, electrical appliances, and make a written report. 3, to the floor still hanging blinding hand, sporadic shelving, protective shed thoroughly checking up and rectification, the strengthening of reinforcement, the perfect perfect, and make disclosure in advance, guardianship, measures and scheme of work, must have the builder, full-time security officer was present during the demolition. Seriously according to hang peach scaffold scheme at the same time, repeated disclosure content, high-altitude operations, there must be a full-time security officer, the builder, guardianship personnel in place; And there is special disclosure and monitoring measures. 4, the holder of security situation, a thorough inspection of undocumented workers to repel immediately. Inspect the site plan clarificaiton execution, perfect the contract content, security agreement. Improve and implement guardianship system. 5, strengthen the safety management education, strengthen the management and the safety of the subcontract team consciousness, strictly put an end to safety accidents and hazards. Reaffirmed project of safety production responsibility system, each position layer upon layer to sign the production safety liability form. 6, to seat belts, safety nets, fire equipment, security equipment is configured for inspection, ensure reserves. 7, strict enforcement of the ministry of construction of production safety, JGJ46 JGJ80-91-88, JGJ33-86 specification and the scaffolding safety aspects, such as mandatory provisions in the design and construction. Strictly according to the standard of JGJ59-99 for self-check. Four, accident treatment results: 1, this accident direct economic loss of about 24. 090000 yuan. 2, after the accident, the total, according to the opinion of the accident investigation team, the subcontractors are partly responsible for this accident to the corresponding treatment: ( 1) Scaffolder He Mou, before dismantle this shelf failed to check the hand, foot failed to notice when dismantling scaffolding, have direct and important responsibility for the accident, revocation of a special type of work which are given by the superior operation certificate, enterprise be punishment. ( 2) Professional subcontracting scaffolder monitor a tan, not according to stipulations for disclosure, check the demolition crews on serious safety belt to wear and not to carry out the monitoring personnel, when the researchers removed for clarificaiton urge and inspect the implementation of, direct management responsibility for the accident, the supervisor shall be removed from repel and disciplinary action. ( 3) Professional subcontracting scaffolder unit leader sun, and not according to the requirements of the main contractor safety technical disclosure, direct leadership responsibility for the accident, the supervisor shall be removed from repel and disciplinary action. ( 4) Professional subcontracting company deputy general manager ge a, as a scaffolder construction group, neglected his team of production safety work, leadership responsibility for the accident, vice manager decided to revoke the company. ( 5) Main contracting team builder's Yang is on duty, ineffective supervision on construction site, check the lax, unable to effectively control the accident, have certain management responsibility for the accident, business enterprise give disciplinary warning, a written examination, and rewards and punishment regulations according to enterprise financial penalties.
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