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Rotary lifting stage for auto show

by:Shizhan     2020-03-19
Hyundai Motor Shows have become more and more popular due to the popularity of automobiles. Auto shows are held regularly in many places every year. Auto Shows have increasingly increasing demand for the stage, and they have higher requirements for the stage, especially for mechanical rotary lift stages. The all-round display of the car is a great help. Now we will introduce a rotary lifting stage designed by our new forces for the auto show professionally, so that auto dealers can fully show the car to the audience. It can be used not only at the auto show, but also daily in the sales shop. When buying an auto show stage, you must first consider whether the stage's operation is stable, its service life and whether its load-bearing capacity can meet the required requirements. The standard of this auto show stage is as follows. The stage is 2M in diameter, the rated load is 1000KG, and the speed can be adjusted at will. And there is a pause during rotation or lifting state change to prevent weightlessness from harming people. This auto show stage uses a lifting system and hydraulic lifting, which is stable in operation, wear-resistant and durable, and easy to install and maintain. It uses an integrated 380V hydraulic unit to prevent oil spills, which is safe and reliable. The rotating stage uses dual motor gears to rotate. Generally using Acrylic panels, the viewing is high. After installation and after-sales, the specific specifications of the product can be customized according to actual needs. There are professional technicians on-site guidance and tracking services, one year warranty after sales, eliminating worries.
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