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Round buckle scaffold based low wheel stud button scaffold scaffold for low jiangsu building low plate scaffold - Jiangsu Shizhan

by:Shizhan     2020-09-30
Wheel button scaffolding stud base is also using the wheel button scaffolding friends want to know the problem, the following is about the wheel button scaffold pole base of simple introduction. Wheel button scaffold pole foundation shall conform to the requirements of the scheme. ( 1) When the erection height under 25 m, can strengthen the leveling, covered 5 cm thick board, length is 2 m when placed perpendicular to the wall; Placed parallel to the wall when the length is more than 3 m. ( 2) Erection of 25 to 50 m, should according to the situation to endurance design basis to practice or using backfill soil layered solid requirements, available sleepers bedding, or 20 cm, the desire that add a store on the ground on the laying of concrete plate, then lifted up 12-16 channel steel. ( 3) Erection of more than 50 m, should be calculated and base endurance design basis, or in 1 m deep in the lime soil foundation under the ground, or pouring 50 m thick concrete foundation, used on the pillow mat. Wheel button scaffolding poling foundation is such, after your reference for round buckle the use of scaffold can be more handy, welcome to inquire.
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