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by:Shizhan     2020-08-30
Row grid tube scaffold is also called steel pipe scaffold, according to industry standards, steel pipe raw material is general Q235 straight welded steel pipe, the diameter of 48 mm, thickness is 2. 75毫米,3。 0 and 3 mm. 2 mm, tube appearance also can not handle to paint. Is the most common use of a site scaffolding. 1, the scaffold must be positioned according to the requirements of planning. 2, after each take a step of scaffolding, should correction step distance, vertical distance, horizontal distance and vertical rod straight degrees. 3, base placed should agree with the following provisions: 1) Base plate, plate shall be accurately on the positioning line. 2) Plate appropriate chooses the length of not less than 2 across wood plate, thickness of not less than 50 mm, also can choose channel steel and other materials. 4, poling build-up should agree with the following provisions: 1) It is forbidden to 48 mm outside diameter mixed with 51 mm steel pipe used. 2) Docking fastener adjacent stud shall not be in the same height, stagger the interval should be agree with specified requirements. 5, longitudinal rod, authors should agree with the following provisions: 1) With the step of the closed type scaffold, longitudinal rod should be around the circle, with rectangular fasteners with inner and outer corner rod fixation. 6, fastener installation should agree with the following provisions: 1) Fastener standard must be with steel tube diameter, 48 or phi phi 51) The same. 2) Bolt tightening torque should not be less than 40 n, m, and should not be greater than 65 n. m. 3) Rod is fixed at the master node horizontal level, vertical horizontal bar, bracing, transverse brace, etc. In the center of the square buckle, rotating fastener should not be greater than 150 mm between each other. 4) Docking fastener openings should be upward or itself. 5) The end of the bar out of fastener cover plate edge should not be less than 100 mm in length. Above is about grid tube scaffolding, safety requirements, if want to know more, welcome to consult!
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