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by:Shizhan     2020-09-29
Construction fasteners can be done according to the requirements of the concrete construction, and mobile scaffold can be organized into a variety of different shapes, sizes and different scaffolding and bearing capacity of single and double row racks, combined with the construction fasteners, material can constitute shores of poppet and climbing scaffolding, etc. , construction equipment, and can do all kinds of the construction of the building material, is very suitable for curved surface of the erection of scaffolding and reloading the racks. Construction fasteners use is very safe and reliable, and mobile scaffold in the joint design, should consider above all is bowl spiral problem of friction and its own gravity, the construction joints are very good self-locking ability, mainly through its effect on rail load under the bowl are passed to the stud, its bowl is a very strong capacity of shear. Keywords: scaffold
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