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Safe production of the formwork and scaffold project standards - the accident hidden danger Jiangsu single aluminum frame company - wide Industry dynamic - - aluminum alloy scaffolding manufacturer specially

by:Shizhan     2020-09-01
Jiangsu wide aluminum frame company contact phone number: 184201503101 fixed outer scaffold formwork supports system or when pumping concrete pump pipe fixed in the template support system; 2, the template support system on material concentrated loading pile up more than the design load; 3, not according to the special construction plan arrangement concrete pouring sequence, to monitor the quality of formwork supports system does not hold people; 4 no product certification, construction site purchasing, leasing and legal inspection unit test report, no production license production factory production of steel pipes, fasteners; 5, the steel pipes, fasteners to approach to the construction site before to use sampling detection, steel pipes, fasteners use account has not been established, a detailed record of steel tube, fastener of source, quantity, and quality inspection, and so on and so forth; 6, both inside and outside the scaffold without adopting rigid rod and the wall building reliable connection; 7, discharging platform floor, concrete pumping pipe etc. Effective even wall Rachel independently; 8, cantilever scaffold, cantilever tower crane unloading platform outside rods connected to the building structure is not strong, the frame body is not in accordance with the approved special scheme and the structure of Rachel, cantilever scaffold at the bottom of the stud is not fixed firmly; 9, formwork supports system, internal and external scaffolding set-up in the process of dismantling and discharging platform, does not hold people care, not according to operation procedures organization construction; 10, the construction site use scaffolding without the construction administrative department of the ascent of the whole organization to identify or entrust a qualified unit for certification, or entrust has not obtained the corresponding qualification certificate and safety production license units engaged in integral lifting construction of scaffold; 11, integral lifting of various kinds of scaffold safety device and component damage, failure is not timely repair or not according to stipulations of ascending and descending operation organization. Jiangsu single aluminum frame company wide
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