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by:Shizhan     2020-09-06
Longyan hot galvanizing plate buckle stents contact phone number: 18420150310 steel pipe scaffold fasteners related specification: using steel pipe scaffold fastener quality should comply with GB/Q235 in T700 - Grade A steel regulation, should use the current 'straight seam welded steel section' (GB/T13793> or low pressure flow parts lose for weld steel ( GB / T3090) 3 of the stipulated in the ordinary steel bar) Requirement, incision smooth, deformation, cracks and serious corrosion steel pipe is strictly prohibited; The steel pipe, steel tube scaffold fasteners use fasteners and components shall be unified specifications, complete documents, stop using the defective goods and nonconforming pipes, materials management personnel should according to the plan and disclosure check material specification and quality, and acceptance formalities and organize qualitative data; Passed the workers to enter the construction site must wear safety helmet, fasten jaw belt, lock buckle, steel tube scaffold fasteners in construction safety construction according to certain rules and regulations to use and control, to ensure the safety of building construction and security of person. Longyan hot galvanizing plate buckles support contact information
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