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by:Shizhan     2020-08-30
In construction organization design should be determined for the construction measures of climbing and climbing. The ascent should be with the help of a building structure or the ascent of scaffolding facilities, also can use manned vertical transportation equipment, can use the ladder when climbing operations or adopt other measures for climbing. Column, beam and driving beam hoisting the component such as the straight ladder, and other high with a climbing, components in shop drawings or instructions. Climbing equipment, must be solid and reliable structure. For the use of people up and down the pedal the load should not be greater than 1100 n. When the ladder with special assignments, weigh more than the load, should according to the actual situation to be checked. Portable ladders, shall be according to the current national standard acceptance of its quality. Solid at the bottom of the ladder feet, not to use padding. The top of the ladder shall be fixed. Vertical ladder work Angle at 75 & deg; ± 5° Advisable, pedals and spacing with 30 cm advisable, can not have QueDang. The ladder for long use, must have a reliable connection measures, and joint shall not be more than 1. Connection strength of ladder beam and should not be lower than that of single ladder ladder beam intensity. Folding ladder when using the upper Angle to 35 & deg; ~ 45度; Advisable, hinge must be strong, and should have reliable braced measures. Fixed straight ladder application of metal materials. Ladder should not be greater than 50 cm wide, support should be not less than 70 L & times; Six Angle steel, embedding and welding must be strong. The top rung of the ladder should be flush with top of the climb, and added the l ~ 1. The armrest of 5 m high. Using the straight ladder, when climbing, climbing height is 5 m. More than 2 m, set up appropriate protective cage, more than 8 m, must set up the ladder platform. Homework personnel should be stipulated by the passage up and down, and may not be in the balcony between the regulation channels such as climbing, nor is the use of the crane boom and other construction equipment to climb. Up and down the ladder, must face the ladder, and shall not be hand-held implements. Steel column installation height, should use steel hanging ladder or set in the gym on the steel column. The steel column by column should be used a ladder and work station. Work station rail height, when no electric welding windproof requirements, its height should not be less than 1 m, with welding wind when required. Its height should not be less than 1. 8m。 Climb the installation of steel beam, should inspect steel beam height, at both ends set hanging ladder or erection of steel tube scaffold. Beam on the need to walk, the temporary fence rail can be used on one side of the wire, when to switch to hand rope, rope natural prolapse should not be greater than 20 (l / L is the length of the rope) And should be controlled in less than 10 cm. The installation of the steel roof truss, shall comply with the following requirements: ( l) On the roof bottom chord height, for the triangle roof should be in the roof, trapezoid truss should be at both ends, set to climb up and down the ladder. Materials can choose log, the step distance should not be more than 40 cm. ( 2) Before the roof truss hoisting, protective railing should be set up in first quarter. ( 3) Before the roof truss hoisting, should be in lower chord hung a safety net in advance; After the hoisting, the safety net laying fixed.
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