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Safety responsibilities of truss manufacturers

by:Shizhan     2020-05-13
Many people can't tell the difference between the truss frame and the stage truss. They are all used for the same purpose, just like brothers of the same country, with the same genes and traits. Nowadays, concerts, large-scale exhibitions, and commercial publicity, they appear in various high-end, atmospheric occasions that many people envy, playing the role of a small screw. In the course of the event, some performances with large movements are often the climax of the live atmosphere. The performance depends on a safe and reliable stage truss. The audience seems to have no point. Because of this, some event organizers will now maintain long-term strategic cooperation with truss manufacturers, not only to express trust in each other, but also to give themselves peace of mind and peace of mind, which are undoubtedly beneficial to each other. Jiangsu Shizhan metal products mainly produce stage trusses, lighting racks and other products, cooperation is welcome.
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