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by:Shizhan     2020-09-07
Construction project examination site: DR. 1 SAFETY scaffolding SAFETY management. 博士。 SAFETY scaffold erection should be based on the height of the building, shape, structure, determine the scaffolding set-up form. 2. Before installation should be used in the inspection tools, steel pipes, fasteners, base, frame and other components, steel pipe should be straight, and check the fasteners, bolts, etc. Should be in good condition. 3. Set-up or non-professional personnel shall not dismantle scaffold. 4. Shelf installation should meet the requirements of the entrusted unit connection order dismantling should get the consent of the user. 5. Erection of a new scaffold, without the permission of the original shelf unit, do not connect with the original scaffold. 6. Shelves, authors should conform to the requirements of the specification, more than 15 m height in shelves and hanging must first to carry on the design, special construction engineering scaffold should prepare a detailed work instructions. 。 7. In general the DR. SAFETY scaffolding should by user acceptance, acceptance shall have the book visa single lists face to face. 8. Scaffold should be check regularly, especially after high winds, heavy rains and thawing should strengthen the inspection, the scaffold long-term outage recovery before use, should be checked by safety personnel, appraisal rear can use. 9. Scaffolding demolition shall be carried out in accordance with the provisions, and to remove have high dangerous large scaffolding and independent scaffolding, measures should be the safety of the detailed construction technology, the examination and approval by the relevant department rear can implement. 。 10. No unit or individual shall not be arbitrarily damage or dismantled scaffold, on pain of punishment according to the relevant provisions of the project. In the event of accident, damage units take full responsibility, including economic responsibility. 。 11. 博士。 SAFETY scaffolding, the unit should be in a setting clear scaffolding status flag. 12. 博士。 SAFETY use of units and construction units to handle the transfer and acceptance procedures, if there are any problems should fill out the 'scaffolding handed over to the table' in formal rectification before use.
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