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Safety technical requirements of the fastener type steel pipe scaffold erection and removal of - Industry dynamic - - aluminum alloy scaffolding manufacturer Focus - aerial work platform jiangsu

by:Shizhan     2020-09-02
Fastener type steel pipe scaffold erection of safety technical requirements: ( 1) Fastener type steel pipe scaffold structure parameters: according to the use of the experience at home and abroad and economic rationality, single pipe column the fastener scaffold erection height should not be more than 50 m. More than 50 m high has the following two common practice: 1) The lower part of the scaffold with double tube pillar, upper with single pipe column, single pipe section height under 35 m. 2) Halved the scaffold from the bottom of the column, column high from the upper part of the larger under 35 m. Fastener type steel pipe scaffold structure parameters, see the table below. Use level of structure form to stud spacing (transportation m) The operational layer putlog spacing ( m) Main rail interval ( m) Small bar pick to the cantilever length of metope, m) 51. 5≤2≤1. 51. 5≤2≤1. 5  ≤1. 5≤1.0  1. 5 ~ 1. 81. 6 to 1. 80. 8 m. ( 2) Before the erection of scaffolding, the unit project director shall, according to the requirement of the construction organization design of the scaffold step by step to steep technical disclosure and use of personnel. 1) Inspection on steel, fasteners, scaffolding and other acceptance, unqualified components shall not be used. 2) Remove the ground clutter, level off the erection site, and make the drainage unblocked. ( 3) Lay foundation treatment and base. According to the height of the scaffold erection, erection of site soil conditions, according to the following table or ground treatment according to the needs of calculation. Poling foundation infrastructure build-up height H ( m) 15 m2 or PuTong dedicated channel steel or wood, consolidate the original soil with 150 mm slag cement, the desire to PuTong long channel steel or wood, the rest of the same note: the thickness of the concrete block in the table is not less than 200 mm stow-wood thickness not less than 50 mm. When on the floor structure, pick the scaffold erection, stud should be laid the foundation of the plate or block, and the floor or pick on structure strength calculation. 2) According to the scaffolding column spacing and row spacing requirements for the feeding, positioning. 3) Laying plate ( Block) And laid the base, and should pay attention to the following: (1) plate, base shall be positioned correctly on the online; (2) the smooth plate must be laid, shall not be suspended; (3) double tube column should adopt double tube base or spot welding on a steel channel.
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